Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B Reviewed: OPI Black Shatter top coat

Last weekend I got to try the new OPI black shatter top coat. Rather than layering it over the polishes from the Katy Perry collection I chose to use Essie's pink parka. It was the brightest color to help the black shatter pop. While the shatter top coat doesn't look like leopard to me as somewhat advertised throughout the press build up. The shatter is a different look to add to your nails. Next I would like to see it over a metallic.

What do you think of the black shatter top coat?


Lucy said...

From an arty point of view I like the black shatter - it goes against everything I like on my nails (groomed and fancy!) though so I bought some, tried it a few times, but couldn't get into it.

Jennifer said...

very very cool! it definitely makes a statement, and its original..something worth trying out.

A said...

WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!?! I've been searching all over and its sold out, OPI tweeted me that they weren't going to stop making it anytime soon but everyone else seems to be snatching it up before I can get to it!

P.S. - LOVE how it looks over the pink, definitely try the metallic - you can even try the shatter on over other OPI shades on the try-it-on feature of OPI's website!

Anonymous said...

Try it over OPI's one gold color its AMAZING!!!!

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