Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B Decorating: A blank canvas

Finally after a few quick short moves I've signed a lease for an apartment I can call mine. This is the beginning of the "finally, I really live in Seattle" process. My new place is in the perfect area I was looking for though on the small size. Some would freak out at the 400 square feet limitations but I'm looking forward to settling in my new home.

A small space is very personal so I'm choosing my items carefully ensuring I'll love being home. This article from Apartment Therapy gave me great ideas on what is necessary to splurge on (like good bath towels) to feel luxurious in my small space. Don't think this will be the last you'll hear from me when it comes to home decor. I've been dreaming of floor plans all week. What do you splurge on to make yourself feel home?
Monochromatic color scheme keeps the room feeling bigger.

Furniture strategically configured creates two spaces in one.

Every item has a personality and story.

Monday, March 18, 2013

B Outfitted: Wine tasting

It wasn't even on my list of pros to moving back to Seattle but wine tasting has become a large occupier of my time lately. If you don't study the labels while browsing the wine aisle you're probably surprised to hear that Washington has a large wine country. I love living in Seattle because it's a city that is so accessible to the suburbs where the Washington winemakers host most of their tasting rooms. Grab one or a group and it's instantly the best way to spend your Saturday.

We're having up and downs when it comes to weather lately but once that Summer sun comes out, you'll know this outfit will be in my weekend rotation. And lets not forget the phone charger, it will be needed after your multiple check ins and Instagram uploads.
ONE: Madewell threadlines dress
TWO: Fossil 'Austin-small' crossbody bag
THREE: Soludos Miro Flats Espadrilles
FOUR: Printed backup battery for iPhone
FIVE: Talula Harlem Jacket
SIX: J Crew Multistripe scarf

Thursday, March 07, 2013

B Chosen: Pastels or neon?

I'm having an internal dilemma with choosing between pastels and brights. This came to my attention when I had to decide between a mint green or neon yellow leather satchel at Gap the other day. Ultimately I went after the mint because it was my instinct. A wise friend told me the other day "pastel is the new neon" but dont' worry, I don't think we need to choose between one or the other anytime soon. Do we?


Friday, March 01, 2013

B Favors

ONE | Jennifer Lawrence Gif- She's been trending since the Oscars and the more of her interviews I watch, the more I love her.

TWO | Two tone watch- On my shopping list is a black watch and a rose gold watch. Love the combination of the two with a square face!

THREE | Justin Timberlake- If you do one thing today, listen to the new song Mirrors. It's been on repeat all day every day this week. Can't wait till the concert in July!

FOUR | Mini studs- A recent purchase of mine and rare sighting for me to not wear large blingy studs. I love the delicate look of these and bonus, they're workout appropriate!

FIVE | Spring nails- These nails have been on my DIY to-do list for the week. Who will beat me to it?
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