Tuesday, May 31, 2011

B Bottled: Wine weekend in California

This last weekend we went back to our hometown in California to join in on a friend's wine bottling weekend. Growing their own grapes and patiently turning it into wine then allowing us to join in the bottling/labeling with a little (I lie, more like a lot) of wine tasting. The food all weekend was incredible. It pays to have talented friends in the kitchen. From pig roasting all night in a fire pit to grilled artichokes there are really no complaints. The pictures from the weekend are a mix of our tasks, playing around with braids on breaks and wine, lots of wine. It was just what I needed before this busy week of packing and organizing before the big move on Friday!

Monday, May 30, 2011

B Timeless: Nobody puts baby in a corner

Last week I caught myself watching Dirty Dancing more than a few times over. I have always loved the dancing and music but I couldn't help but look at Baby and think, we still wear this. I love seeing how history replays itself and re worn years later. I am inspired by the all sixties American classics that have formed our fashions today. And who can't resist that ending dance scene.

1. J Crew gingham button down
2. Urban Outfitters windswept leather watch
3. J Crew favorite tank
4. Current Elliot bike mid rise shorts
5. J Crew polka dot underwire tank
6. Seven for all mankind roxanne white skinny jeans
7. Keds canvas originals

Friday, May 27, 2011

B Obsessed: Silk scarves

I'm ashamed to say that my silk scarf collection was non existent until yesterday. I have been loving so many silk scaves tutorials and had to start trying them out. I spied a great Missoni scarf at Nordstrom Rack but couldn't bring myself to make the purchase. Thankfully my patience was rewarded when I found a silk scarf for $3.53 at Last Chance on a whim. It's pink and striped, I love it! So here it begins, my obsession with silk scarves. Do you have silk scarves? Where should I look?

images via weheartit

Thursday, May 26, 2011

B Packed: Weekend wardrobe

I'm off tomorrow morning for another quick trip in California. Back to Modesto where I was born for a wine bottling weekend at a family friends' vineyard. Can't think of a better reason to return. I am busy packing today and paying attention so that I'm ready for all impromptu events. My last trip in California I didn't exactly pack too many choices and regretted. I never regret over-packing though so that's the goal.

I am loving maxi dresses for weekend trips as they're easy to pack and don't require many pieces but accessories which are small and don't take up much room. I try to best organize my jewelry in little pouches when I travel as well to prevent tangling. I'm still trying to find the best way to transport my beauty products for a carry on, I just can't leave them at home. Good hair is worth the twenty minutes in baggage claim for me.

By the way, did you see my DIY clutch on American Apparel's blog? See it among other great creations here.

1. Shapeshifter Maxi
2. Curved Stone earring
3. J Crew woven straw fedora
4. Banana Republic leather lily stone necklace
5. Tory Burch Cherilyn sandals

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

B Ready: Swim season

While my body might not be ready for swimsuit season I am ready to start shopping for this season's bests. There are so many vibrant prints and styles that are perfect for lounging by the pool or beach.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

B Handed: Gunmetal and candy pink

When I went to California a couple weekends ago my sister's and I were lucky to take some jewelry off of my Grandmother's hands. I love how she has had these bracelets for years and they are probably being reproduced somewhere right now still. The gunmetal is against my natural grain of what I wore on my wrist but for an afternoon happy hour date they were the perfect pile on my wrist. To keep the femininity I want for candy pink nails to feel my girliest, it was the perfect combination.

Monday, May 23, 2011

B Spills: Some personal news

I've started this blog post over and over because I wasn't sure how I wanted to tell everyone I am moving back to Seattle. Okay, there it is. Since graduation I have tried to figure out where the best place for me to be. I had dreams of moving and starting new in an unfamiliar place. It took a little fighting and some hesitation but I have decided that the best place for me to be right now is back home in Seattle where my family is.

Moving to another place is still an option  but while in limbo (that post-graduation phase) Seattle is the place to be. I will continue to put my heart into this blog and work on other freelance opportunities. So for you, this isn't much of a change. I will still continue to blog about what I love. Just be honest with me and let me know if my complaints of the Seattle rain has gotten to be too much.

I have always been jealous of the Arizona snow birds that head north before the 100 degrees hit and now I am one of them. Seattle is a gorgeous place to be in the summer and I'm looking forward to share more of it here. I will be making the road trip in less than two weeks and making sure of seeing some sights and friends along the way.

So there it is, the announcement is now public, I'm moving to Seattle.

B Forward: Club Monaco fall 2011

There really isn't much else to say but can we fast forward so I can dress in these clothes? Patterned textiles, rich fabrics and classic silhouettes. This is how you do fall.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

B Detailed: Sunday snippets 5.22.11

This weekend was slow and gave me time to organize and catch up my google reader that got so backed up over the last week. I caught a few videos of day in the life of Olivia Palermo and a group of industry professionals discussing the pace of fashion. I am always enthralled in information involving social media and fashion. It is where the industry is going and us (blogs) are in the center of it. Click on images for full posts.

Friday, May 20, 2011

B Wants: A classic novel

It was so long ago when I first read The Great Gatsby. It was one of those books that was piled in front of you at the start of the school year which you naturally roll your eyes at. It was read and I remember being caught up in the story but honestly don't think I appreciated it completely at the time. Which is why I have decided to re-read the classic. Started it last night and might be done by tomorrow then a Robert Redford viewing may be in order. What book would you re-read?
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