Friday, January 29, 2010

B Informed

Each morning I have somewhat of a similar routine. Wake up to some popular pop song via my iPhone, slide to turn off then instantly go to mail to check what virtual goodies I have been sent today. There is usually the typical junk mail that I instantly delete but there are a few that I save to read because I always find the most inspiration.

Who What Wear: It hurts when I tell someone in conversation "I saw on Who What Wear..." and they go, "Who where what?" Those poor deprived ones. This web blog is all up on the who's and what's of fashion. Don't go there if you're looking for what American Idol contestant got the boot, go to find what the American Idol wearing. The Who What Wear team has an eye for catching trends and almost always contribute to my obsessions. See B Jaded and B Nude for proof. Follow on Twitter @whowhatwear

The Zoe Report: For me, watching The Rachel Zoe Project every few months is just not good enough. I have to get my daily intake of the Zoe. Rachel Zoe's Zoe Report is a daily newsletter of everything she loves right then. And while we all can't be dripping in Chanel, carry Louis Vuitton and walk in YSL unfortunately, Zoe gives us another option in her post. Parallel Universe she calls it, a place where you can get the same look on a smaller budget for the same big fashion enthralled. Follow on Twitter @RZRachelZoe

Women's Wear Daily: If you are interested in fashion, I don't find it possible to go a day without reading WWD. This fashion trade publication holds on the ins and outs of the fashion industry. There is a subscription to access most of the material but getting the daily newsletter gives you a heads up. It's pretty much the fashion bible. Follow on Twitter @womensweardaily

Thursday, January 28, 2010

B Quick

I quickly just changed my polish before heading to work and I can't help but share quickly! The color is Done Out In Deco by OPI. I decided to go with this color today because with the black pencil skirt, white tee and gold flats I already had chosen, I felt as if I needed some pop of color. That's why I love nail polish! Have 10 minutes? Change your polish! Just be sure your keys are sitting out of your purse so that you don't have to go digging with a fresh polish.

B Excited

The nail polish must be getting to my head because it is all that is on my brain right now. For the last month I keep seeing small advertisements in my monthly induglences of Vogue and Elle for OPI's new collection titled Hong Kong. I frustrating only see the Alice in Wonderland collection (equally fabulous) though only in the beauty supplies stores. So after a long wonderance of where will this collection be available? I have answers! February 3rd is when the vibrant collection will hit stores.

A few of these new shades include "A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find", "Suzi Says Feng Shui", and "Dim Sum Plum". I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B Nude

Apologies to my readers who have been checking back to see if I've written any new posts. I'm sorry to have disappointed for so long! The 2010 year already has me busy as a bee and so I thought it was only fitting for my first post of the new year I let you know one of my recent 2010 obsessions.

Months ago during Spring 2010 Fashion week we saw loads of neutrals on the runway in sheers, solids, textures. Crisp clean white will be the upcoming trend and while that is what you'll be wearing on your body you can't forget about your nails. Last fall Chanel created a phenomenon with the Jade nail lacquer, their new shades for spring will soon be seen everywhere. While the 505 Particuliere has already made a statement in the blogs and I am equally mad about the taupe color. I can't get over being nude on my nails.

Chanel 503 Inattendu is the perfect shade for spring. While purples are not leaving my nail collection, the subtly of the nude makes everyone check twice what is on your nails. You can also try OPI Dulce de Leche in the case that the Chanel 503 creates a statement and follows Jade suit.
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