Friday, February 26, 2010

B Treated

I don't believe people when they say they don't have a sweet tooth. There is always a little bit in everyone that wants to have a lil treat every once and while. Or maybe this is what I tell myself to feel better but anyways just around Valentine's Day I felt in the mood to make a little treat for my friends. While I love to bake from scratch I took a different route this time with Sprinkles cupcakes mix. You must admit that Sprinkles cupcake mix is quite the upgrade from Betty Crocker.

You all have to have known the press built up about these famous cupcakes and personally I don't think I'm ever dissappointed when I try a new one but its hard to try new when you're addicted to a classic. Red Velvet Cupcakes. The first time I think I heard the term red velvet when I was young was possibly when my mom told me it was my dad's favorite kind of cake. It didn't sound good to me at the time, who wants to eat red cake? But once I heard there was cocoa involved, I was hooked.

The sprinkles cupcakes can go for about $3 a cupcake. Can you imagine buying all those for a dinner party of just 5? $15 spent so everyone can just have one cupcake, not fair. When I stumbled upon this mix and Williams-Sonoma I had to try it. It was very simple, beat butter, add mix, add eggs, add milk, done. Could it get any easier? But what is a cupcake without frosting? This is the part I stress to you, don't get lazy, make the icing from scratch! I hope I didn't lose the new bakers right now who were with me on the mix and now just bolted, this is just as easy. Cream cheese frosting does it all, its the icing on the cake (pun intended)!

Cupcakes are loved by all, they're nostalgic and extrememely hard to resist. Bake them for your next dinner party or bring them into work (my plan) and they'll be a hit (true story). And the best part is, with the mix your dinner party of 5 can have 12 cupcakes for $14. I'd tell you to do the math but you'll be too busy licking your fingers!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

B Mad

I bet this isn't news to you but a remake of the childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland is coming to life by Tim Burton. I know surprise surprise, I say that sarcastically because you can't walk anywhere without seeing a new line of merchandise or poster catching on to the mad mad phenomenon.

OPI collection was one of the first of the craze with their Alice in Wonderland collection including colors such as Absolutely Alice, Off with her Red!, Thanks so muchness and my personal favorite Mad as a hatter. Beauty stores couldn't keep these colors in the stores long enough for everyone to see every color. I still buy a new bottle every time I see a straggler just in case I run out of my favorite shade. Another beauty brand Urban Decay also created their own line of Alice in Wonderland "Book of Shadows" and have quickly sold out.

Along with these two beauty empires I myself got caught up in the crazy wonderland in my own group project with school. If you have taken time to read 'About B' then you have noticed that along with keeping up with 'Just B' I am also a student studying fashion marketing. I have had many projects so far in my education but this is one I am very proud to be behind. It all began with an idea that led to inspiration which then became why 'we're all MAD here'.

Alice in Wonderland is a story that we've grown up with and the mastermind of Tim Burton will just be creating another world for us to fall for. Hold your breath for a very important date on March 5th.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

B My Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think today is a perfect day to share a few of my favorite romantic photos from over the years.
Sailor kissing the nurse is the kiss heard around the world. This picture evokes the time and feeling at this moment, it is an all telling photograph. 
Here is probably a less recognizable photograph to you, the reason being, these are my grandparents on their wedding day! Going through their old photos last summer, I found this picture and instantly fell in love with it. My grandparent's loved each other more and more everyday.

 I hope this isn't a surprise to you that there was a famous kiss in the rain before Spiderman. Who doesn't love Breakfast at Tiffanys? 
"I love you!" "So what." "So what? So plenty! I love you, you belong to me!"
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams deserved winning best kiss at the MTV movie awards and their "acceptance speech" proved it. You need proof? Go here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

B Gifted

Roses are red, Violets are blue
All I want for Valentine's Day is a pair of Jimmy Choos!

The Jimmy Choo 24/7 was created for the purpose of what it is titled after, Twenty Four Seven! Jimmy Choo has taken their most popular styles from the past and re created them with more color options. There are enough options to ahve a new pair for every day of the week! I know I know.. wishful thinking.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

B Bright

It didn't take me long to head to my nearest beauty shop to buy the OPI Hong Kong collection once it hit the shelves. And not much longer after that did i already have "A good man-darin is hard to find" painted on my nail beds.

I have always felt that orange is a hit or miss color. it is rare that orange is my first color choice but I'm glad I have discovered that orange is possible. Like most purchases of mine they happen quick. I know what I like so when I saw the M. Haskell necklace on a mannequin it didn't take long for it to be on my neck.

When pairing bright accessories be care careful with your other clothing/accessory selection. Less is more and the orange necklace will give enough of a statement for it all. Don't be shy about orange, just try it once and you may find it will brighten your day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B Hopeful

Fashion for Haiti is a product of the brilliance behind the CFDA. The proceeds of the t-shirt will be going to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The T-shirt will be going on sale on February 16 retailing for $25 and I encourage all of you to go to own of the retailers and purchase a few for late Valentine's day presents. Nordstrom, J. Crew, Coach, Tory Burch and Intermix are just  a few of the retailers who will be selling the tee. For more information visit the CFDA website all about Fashion for Haiti.

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B Creative

From a young age I couldn't get enough of craft stores. I would beg my dad to take me on a Saturday and he'd ask me "what are you going to craft?" I'd probably most likely roll my eyes and say "I don't know Dad, I will figure it out when I'm in the store!" Which is true till this day. I have always had the knack for crafting and creating.

While I was cleaning my room just a couple weeks ago, I looked at my memory board that held pictures, postcards, etc and realized I'm sick of using it that way. I had wanted a new way to display my jewelry also that was functional but appealing. So being the crafter I am and much a doer in this scenario, I changed my memory board into a new jewelry holder.

I simply took my cheap memory board that I bought at an art & frame store years ago. Small nails work perfect to create the holder so that they don't distract from the jewelry and give the appearance of the jewelry hanging on its own. Simply just nail the nails into the backing until they are secure (they will poke through in the back a bit so be careful). Choose your favorite jewelry to display and add as many nails as you desire to show your jewelry as now wall decor. Feel free to even still addd a few of your favorite photos to still be displayed with your necklaces. Pretty easy huh?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

B Mine


It's that time of year again. You can't walk into a store without being overwhelmed with little pink and red hearts, half naked babies with arrows and loads of candy. Yep, its February! And Valentine's Day is on everyone's mind. Now typically a blog post would either rant about how much hallmark has created a holiday or how special this is to share with someone you love. Me? I just love all the pink and gifts!

Superficial? Maybe... but how else do you plan on passing this holiday. There are a few gifts I have found that I would love for Valentine's day and I'm sure your girlfriend, best friend, sister would love them to.
See By Chloe makeup clutch: Keeping with the pink theme, this adorable makeup clutch looks cute in and outside of your handbag to organize it all.

Natori Lace Cami Bra: Now I don't want to get into the stereotypes of Valentine's day but lets admit that lingerie is just one. But here is something just a little different. This bra passes for a cami underneath blouses. It looks great under anything low cut, I just had to buy it in both ivory and black for myself!

Bangles: So I do have one negative feeling about Valentines Day. All the cheesy jewelry commercials and ugly jewelry too! Something fun like bangles is a great just cause gift and doesn't seem to intimate becuase lets face it if you're going to hand a women a black box for jewelry she'll be wanting something specific, but bangles are cute and fun and great to layer on top of eachother for spring!

Romantic Novels: There is nothing like giving a vintage love story novel as a gift. Pretty romantic and looks great on the shelves! Anthropologie has a number of classics printed in this vintage look that usually may be hard to find in good condition these days. Regardless if she won't read it over and over it will something to add to the mantle and look pretty instead of flowers that won't last the week. 

iPod speaker: You can't look at this and not think how adorable it is. Who doesn't want a portable speaker shaped as a heart? enough said.
Parker floral mini dress: If Valentine's day doesn't put love in the air then Springtime definitely does. Everything floral and girly is romantic and I have to say I'm currently obsessed with this Parker dress. I have seen some other Parker designs while browsing through Barney's and can't help but love the mini floral prints!

Monday, February 08, 2010

B Picky

I have had the reputation of being very picky. I am very certain to what I may eat and when (never leftovers) and I prefer well made denim that give me the perfect fit compared to the pair you will have to re wash before every wear. Though I remained picky in my shopping choices in 2009 that doesn't mean I didn't let some cases slip by me. That is why I have created some essentials for 2010. Some may be what you might call 'resolutions' but others are just pure items I don't want to live without in the next decade or season.

OPI Nail Polish: 2009 may have created a nail polish junkie in myself that I cannot walk into a beauty supply store without a new shade. OPI nail laquer always has the best colors embarking on new trends without mentioning their adorable titles!

J Brand Denim: On days where work will keep me from wearing blue denim, you can find me in my black skinnies. I live in them, I sell them constantly because they are the best fit I've had. So comfortable and flattering they are essential to your closet to break the mold of blue denim. Though there is a reason why blue denim is a classic and J Brand does the classic justice. While J Brands are known for running a bit small unlike many other denims, it is rare that they will stretch out. J Brand's spring washes are going on my NEED list.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant: Never thought I'd write about deodorant on my blog huh? Well don't skip over this. There are a few things that stick with you from high school. Those that do are very important to you and this is one of them. For years I have done nothing but rave about this Donna Karan deodorant! I can't live without it. It lasts forever, doesn't have that annoying deodorant smell and goes on easily. You would have to think this a great product for $18. I know it sounds crazy but it lasts forever and will out beat any cheap product at the drugstore. If you want to wait for a deal, almost every year Nordstrom sells a pack of 3 of the product for their Anniversary Sale. I buy a new pack every year and it lasts me more than over the year.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

B Ready

Are you ready for some football?? While the men are worrying about the drinks and size of the tv I hope you're getting your Superbowl ensemble ready. I sure am! In full spirit of rooting on the New Orleans Saints in their first Superbowl I painted my nails with Dazzled By Gold, made by who else than OPI. While I don't have a jersey I will still be as fashionable as always with a pair of skinnies, black alternative tank and gold jewelry. Sporting events are never an excuse to be any kind of shabby so get ready, just ask "What would Kim Kardashian wear?" and cheer for the saints!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

B Dreaming

Getting lost into a character's world is one of my favorite parts of the movies. And there is a reason why I love producer Nancy Meyers' films. The set design on these productions is incredible and guarantee you have seen the same movies and have agreed. My whole family would agree with me that we could move into anyone of the sets and be perfectly happy! What I love about Nancy Meyer's films is that all these characters have something in common, they are strong women with fabulous kitchens! Don't we all aspire to be fabulous with an amazing kitchen? I look at these sets for inspiration for decorating my own house so I thought you'd enjoy!

Meryl Streep's house in It's Complicated

Kate Winslet's cottage in The Holiday


Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give

Cameron Diaz's house in The Holiday (My favorite!)

B Preppy

Lately I have been very into the rocker look as you can tell by my obsession with my new leather jacket and all things studs. Though everytime I pass by a J Crew I can't help wanting to take a mini vacay to the Hamptons.

Now my aim is not to be one to step right outside an episode of Gossip Girl but Blair Waldorf is a great piece of impsiration. J Crew has the best selection of preppy favorites. J Crew offers most of their basics in array of colors so what does a girl choose with so many options? Navy. Too boring? If you don't own any conservative basic cardigans, navy is a great place to start and such a great shade to compliment with the burnt oranges and bright yellows coming into Spring.

There are a number of different ways you can wear a cardigan. Place it over a cinatge tee you've had for years and give the basic hoodie a rest. Or tone down the top you wore last Saturday night and let it see the afternoon casually.

For my recent obsession with preppy I conveniently tied in my new favorite trend of mixing prints. A pinstripe button down screams prep but paired with a floral sweater from Anthropologie, it gives it a bit more interest and less predictable. While in J Crew don't pass by their accessories, I am in love with their jewelry, hair accessories and belts. Nothing like a classic preppy piece to mix up your wardrobe.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

B Alike

One of my favorite blogs is The Satorialist. Real photographs of real fashion. I always get so much inspiration from the fashion he captures through his lens. Here are some photographs of Miroslava Duma, that I absolutely love when he shot her for Harper's Bazaar Russia. I think I just found my celebrity look alike or my want to look like celebrity.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

B Reads

I am such a sucker for a good bookstore. While I can get lost in any Barnes and Noble or Borders, I also always find myself getting tempted with Amazon's one click ordering. And since I did finally take the plunge to join Amazon Prime I thought I must take advantage of this and order order order! Just thought I'd share what is on my reading list currently:

If you have to cry, go outside: and other things your mother never told you. By Kelly Cutrone.
If you have been a Hills and City addict the past handful of years you have seen this boss from hell turned mentor to now mogul in work! Kelly Cutrone is known for leading young fashionistas such as Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port into fashion industry success. While her tactics may seem harsh to the viewing world, there is nothing but praise for Kelly. I will be sure to pass on the wisdom I hope to learn in her first book!

Sweet Little Lies. By Lauren Conrad.
Do. Not. Judge. Me! I admittedly bought LC's first book L.A. Candy last year and admittedly finished it rather quickly. Her writing is easy to follow and entertaining. Following the life of a girl on a reality tv show, something that Lauren knows very well, you can't help but get sucked up in the drama just as the shows this may/or may not be based on. If you are looking for a fun easy spring read then I do recommend taking the plunge into Conrad's novels. Review of the second to come..

And while I go ahead and enjoy these two new hardcovers I continue to anxiously await the releases and shipments of the following:
-The September Issue DVD (Releasing February 23rd, 2010)
-Heart of the Matter By Emily Griffin (Releasing May 11th, 2010)
-Last Night at Chateau Marmont By Lauren Weisberger (Releasing May 25th, 2010)

B Trendy

While the groundhog alerted us today that we have 6 more weeks of winter, it is never too soon to start planning your spring wardrobe! I anxiously can't wait for the new spring shipments to come into the stores and once they do I'll be grabbing prints left and right. Mixing prints is a hot trend for spring. gave a few tips on mixing patterns this spring.

  • Play with complimentary graphic prints
  • Pair prints with similar sensibilities for a pulled-together look
  • Polka dots and stripes are a playfully irreverent pair
  • Stay int he same color family
  • Do variations on a theme in cool neutrals. Add a bright bag for contrast
  • Try two tones of the same print
  • Choose subdued hues for a sophisticated look

More highlights of spring fashion to come: denim distressed vests, cross body bags, lace and sheers
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