Who takes the photos on your blog?
I take all my own photos with my digital SLR. I use a Nikon D40 and use a 50 mm lense.

Does the paint on your DIY color block pouch crack?
After some time I have noticed that the paint has cracked only near the seams of the bag where there is the most tension. Though it has not cracked anywhere that can be seen while holding.

Where do you find all your DIY ideas?
I wish there was a directory I could point you to but I mostly think of them while I’m brushing my hair, shopping or in the shower. You know, light bulb moments.

Who designed your blog and does the graphics?
I do! I use a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design my whole page from the buttons to the simple header to my posts.

Is it okay if I share your DIY on my own blog?

Yes please! Part of the reason why I love blogging is the community we create around us so please feel free to share with your own readers and just link back to my blog.

If you have anymore questions write on my facebook page or tweet me!
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