Thursday, September 05, 2013

B Ready: Fashion week season

Today marks the beginning of the season. Which coincidentally spurs blog post on blog posts of our favorite looks pulled from It's easy to take the mental break and just upload runway photos but it also reflects a loss of creativity. Rather than blogging what you may have already seen, you can peek at what I'm pinning on my Spring 2014 Runway pin board. I can't make promises that Spring 2014 won't show up in the blog, but if it does, the exciting part is that I was inspired.  So with another fashion season upon us, take notes and define your agenda. Let the shows inspire and push you to deliver this content in a creative way. Your audience will thank you and I'll applaud you.

Smythson Runway Textured-leather notebook

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

B Recapped: Labor Day weekend

Starting a weekend with plans after plans never works well with me. For Labor Day, I made no construct plans and just with the plan of spontaneity. The plan resulted in some sight seeing, new restaurant discovery and returning to a favorite neighborhood spot for a Labor Day margarita with my sister. 

Walking around the market on a Saturday is busy but the bedside sunflowers and fresh mussels were all worth it. Mussels are one of my favorite meals and super easy to steam, catch a glimpse of my cooking process in my vine here.
Ray's Boathouse is the place that apparently every Seattlite has been to except for me and now i'm obsessed. With an amazing bar view of Shilshole Bay in Ballard it was perfect place to enjoy one of our last warm Summer nights. 

Just a short distance from my apartment, Little Water Cantina completes my fix for a good margarita and guacamole any day. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

B Relaxed: Taking a staycation

Labor Day might be your last chance for a Summer weekend but I happen to see it as another opportunity for a staycation. The best part of vacations is unplugging from the world and the perfectly tucked in hotel beds accompanied by a white spa robe. Whatever your reason is for staying home this weekend, no one can blame you when you say you're having a staycation. 
1. Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bath Caddy: I don't know why I don't have this in my own bath tub yet. There's even a spot for a glass of wine!
2. Spa Terry Knit Robe: It's the cozy terry cloth robe that we all are tempted to steal from the hotel.
3. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook: On vacation, calories don't count. Same goes for staycations and what better way to spend it than to perfect your favorite comfort food.
4. Ooh la la rose wine: It's just pretty.
5. Aromafloria Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath: No stress is allowed on a staycation.
6. Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing MaskStrawberry Tonic Mask: Mario Badescu carries some of my favorite masks. These are both moisturizing masks that help refresh and repair tired skin.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

B Wants: Colorblock Hunter rainboots

Whether its officially rain boot weather is up to Seattle right now. After a gorgeous summer we got a first glimpse this week about what's to come. Annoyingly to all around me, the rain smell made me giggly for Fall and alerted me to do a quick inventory of my shoe closet.

Only two pairs of rain boots stand on the floor of my closet. Considering Hunters are to Seattle as Havaianas are to Hawaii. A wardrobe classic that is always allowed to be multiplied. I love the new original colorblock rendition that gives you the subtly of a black base but tops with a punch of color. Now, which one do I choose?

Monday, August 26, 2013

B Tinted: DIY Eyelash tinting

Through my experience of eyelash extensions I've grown a strong hatred for mascara. I haven't completey discareded its use but I never look forward to the rough process it is to remove at the end of the day. Rubbing a cotton ball full of makeup remover can be harsh on my lashes so finding an alternative solution for my bottom lashes turned me to eyelash tinting.

It's a simple dye job for your lashes that lasts nearly a month saving you from the woes of mascara. Though at nearly $30 per application it could get costly. If you want another budget alternative and have a steady hand with a mascara wand then DIY eyelash tinting is for you. It's a simple two step process of nearly identical to coating your lashes with two coats of mascara.

STEP ONE: Coat disposable mascara wand with solution #1. Apply to lashes.
STEP TWO: Coat disposable mascara wand with solution #2. Apply to lashes.
STEP THREE: Let lashes dry. TIP: Allow a couple hours for solutions to dry before falling asleep. Any extra dye or solution on skin will dye it.

The color on your lashes will last for almost 3 weeks depending. With enough solution for multiple applications 28 Day Mascara pays for itself over multiple salon visits.

Monday, June 10, 2013

B Destroyed: Summer denim

When Summer rolls around, I let my hair down and my outfits follow suit. I tend to dress very classic and simple so a distressed denim with a tailored silk blouse balances my outfit to appear effortlessly chic. In the Summer, you don't want to over think your look and keep pieces simple and loose. I have yet to own a denim vest but see this distressed one pairing perfectly with the multiple floral dresses in my closet!
White // Shorts // Brights // Vest

Friday, June 07, 2013

B DIY: Balloon birthday invitations

Being an aunt is the best thing in the world. Any night of the week you can offer to babysit which in result both baby and parents think you're a hero. Baby gets someone new to play with them all night long and parents get time to themselves. And, when the time comes you get to lend your crafty hand to some birthday party planning. 

Along with my sister we got creative, made an assembly line and put together the perfect invitation and set the standards high for Mason's birthdays to come. 

I  designed a 5x7 card which included the phrase "Inflate Me!" to hold the cards in place.
Punching two holes in the middle of the 5x7 card and weaving through yarn to hold the balloon in place.
Embossed envelopes to create a finished border for mailing addresses.

TIP: Before heating emboss powder, use Q-Tip to wide away excess to create clean lines

Heat with embossing tool and set aside to cool.
Finished product, ready to assemble!
And when the invite made it to the recipient, all that was left was to blow up the balloon...
I designed the graphic on Illustrator then ordered printed balloons from!

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