Friday, October 29, 2010

B Simple: Enjoying the little things

I've been so overwhelmed the past couple days that this weekend I plan on enjoying the simple things. But of course it being Halloween weekend it won't be low key especially since great friends will be in town. So before the hectic holiday weekend just take today and enjoy. I just purchased a pair of glitter ballet flats from J Crew and I can't help but smile when I look down at my feet. Any sparkle in the world could cheer me up!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

B Fulltime Fabulous: VOTE for B

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

B Taken: Culture Chanel in Shanghai

Thinking about where I would want to travel to next and Womens Wear Daily's report this morning made the decision for me, Shanghai. Coming this January Chanel will set up an exhibition showcasing the fashion house's iconic inspirations. The exhibition will run from January 15 to March 14 showing everything from clothing, inspirations, art and sculptures spanning from the days of Gabrielle Chanel's relationship with artists from Jean Cocteau to Pablo Picasso. Someone get me to Shanghai.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B Impatient: Rebecca Minkoff shoes

I'm loving fall and still need it to get a bit colder to full embrace it but something is making me want to flash forward. Rebecca Minkoff will be debuting her first shoe collection in spring 2011 and already, I can't wait any longer.  I want, I need these shoes. I can already tell they will be my go to wedges and flats for spring.

What can't you wait for in spring?

B Raw: Stone jewelry favorites

I like the move jewelry is making back into raw stones. I'm over the plastic and enameled pieces are ready for raw rings, necklaces and bracelets inspired or literally nature. Reminds me of when I was younger and want to start a rock collection. That didn't last long but I wouldn't mind collecting these for some time.



Urban Outfitters

Monday, October 25, 2010

B Curious: Just B on vimeo

If you had to make me choose my favorite media source of all social media I couldn't do it. Especially now since Just B is going video. That's right. Get ready for video posts and more. Just B is taking everyone media source by storm. Check out my vimeo page here and share the first video!

B Curious from Brooke Andersen on Vimeo.
Song by Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me'

B Mused: Leigh Lezark style

Leigh Lezark has made waves in the fashion industry with her strong style coming from in front and behind her DJ booth. You don't need to know much about her once you discover she is Matthew Williamson's muse and while looking at her you understand. Leigh is strong and feminine in a boy's music world.

Friday, October 22, 2010

B Trending: Wide leg trousers

I typically am in favor of skinnies but lately I've been a lover of the wide leg trend. The extreme wide leg gives a dramatic effect and can be worn so many different ways. New goal for the weekend, wear my Seven for all mankind trousers.

The Satorialist

The Satorialist
Atlantic Pacific

Cupcakes and Cashmere

B Leaked: Lanvin for H&M preview

The week started with the first peek of H&M's newest designer collaboration with Lanvin. Now it ends with another peek into the new looks. I love the bold flowers and structured dresses and really hope that leopard clutch is available too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

B Mixed: Missy Rayder for Harper's Bazaar Espana

I came acorss these photos of Missy Rayder in Harper's Bazaar Espana issue this month and instantly felt jealous of the spread. The mix of lace, leather and leopard is everything I have been craving for fall. From a head to toe lace leotard to leopard booties and backgrounds reminiscing sequins it is gorgeous and full of inspiration.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

B Minxed: Celebrity manicure Minx nails

I research nail trends pretty frequently since I like to switch it up  and when I discovered Minx nails it was a must do. Though the company has been around for 5 years it hasn't been until Rihanna and Katy Perry started getting Minx that made it a phenomenon. I studied the website. I researched other bloggers experience and discovered that I have to try this out for myself.

Only a certified Minx professional can properly apply the nails so I did my search and found my nail guru. I already knew the style I wanted after looking at the website and being inspired by Katy Perry decided to go with the golden lightning cheetah pattern.

The film is applied to your nail by a very hot heat source and could burn you if let under too long. Though once the film is applied to your nail it is up to your professional to make it look like perfection. Some other bloggers recorded that the film is already curved so it can't fit to your nail perfectly. Thankfully my nail esthetician was a p-r-o pro and shaped to my nail. Amazing.

Though I've been told that my finger nails will only last about a week though if you were to do your toes it could last up to six weeks. Everyone keeps asking if its for a special occasion but nope. I'm just a girl that loves nails and want to try everything I can.

 If you're in Arizona, you can't go to anyone else. For all other states check the Minx salon locator here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

B Fallen: Chanel makeup

As you've seen on Just B my love for Chanel polish started at one little bottle and has grown to 5 bottle impulse buys. I have fallen in love with the polish because of its great wear and colors. When you don't know what color polish you should be wearing per season I always go with the fall back "What is Chanel wearing?". Right answer every time.

Saturday I had an appointment at the Chanel counter because of the Nordstrom Trend Show event and I wanted to experience Chanel a bit more. Luckily for me I was also graced with Chanel national makeup artist John Fussell's presence. This man is a makeup genius and I loved everything he said. He made everyone pinky swear to fall in love with Chanel makeup. I should have crossed my fingers.

While another artist did most of my makeup John came over at just the right time. He looked at me right away and said "you need a nude lip." I was relieved because I am not one to wear lip color and his response was perfect.
"When you wear lip color what do you want people to say? I love your lip color or I love your lips?"
 Power of a nude lip. I walked away wearing Chanel's rouge allure gloss in insouciance. It is the new staple in my purse. Along with the eye shadow palette 19 Enigma that John says is in all in the upcoming magazine issues this fall. I should have crossed my fingers because I can't get enough of Chanel makeup. I have fallen in love.

I couldn't walk away without the new holiday red polish.

B Decorative: Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin

Since October hit I have been obsessed with everything pumpkin. Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte, baking pumpkin cheesecake, I was even gifted pumpkin butter. When it came to decorating the house I wasn't sure what I wanted but it was definitely pumpkin. I found some pumpkin spiced hand soap for the bathroom and while doing some internet research found inspiration to glitter my pumpkins.

Glitter is tricky. As much as you will try to be clean, it will get everywhere. So just don't try to be clean. I painted the pumpkins with a white tacky glue then dumped the glitter all around. Doing a couple rounds of pouring the excess back over. Let the pumpkins dry overnight, hit off the excess outside and voila, glitter pumpkins. I have a few sitting alone on the dining table and then stacked the others into a candy jar I had around. The perfect pumpkin decoration.

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