Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B Ready: Are we there yet?

Can you believe it is only Wednesday? Maybe it was because I was out of town all weekend or because my list of to-do keeps getting longer but next week's trip to New York couldn't come at a better time. I am ready to re-charge, vent and learn from some of my fellow bloggers. This week has already felt so slow but I already know how fast Tuesday will come.

Regardless of the week I always seem to manage to find time on Pinterest to help me fixate on less everyday and more just pretty things. While I'm trying to find a full-time job, grow Just B and plan fun trips to Arizona and New York, I've become addicted to the gym. I hope you won't mind my more fitness geared posts about my new motivations and gear as I can't get away from feeling good. So now to just get us all in the mood I began a new board titled 'fit' hoping that when I'm sore I'll look to it and get moving again!

What do you do to stay motivated? Have a similar pinterest board? Comment the link and we can be in this together!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

B Planned: Fall outfit equation

While the weather is still showing us glimpses of summer I can't help but be the natural planner I am. Ready for fall and planning for my upcoming trip to New York, I'm looking for all those pieces that can be mix and matched all season long. Inspired by this Club Monaco look from Shopbop these are some of the key pieces I'm trying to fit into my wardrobe. What are you looking for?

Monday, August 29, 2011

B Snapped: Over the weekend

Over the weekend I took a quick trip to the desert. It was painfully hot but the warmth felt nice when sweat wasn't dripping down my new bangs. Dragging around my DSLR never sounded appetizing but instagram did its job capturing all my favorite parts of the weekend:
There was a great view of seattle at takeoff. Pretzel bites and provolone fondue at Culinary Dropout
Mojitos at Tommy Bahama after a failed attempt at the pool. A new monarch wing headband find at Anthropologie.
My favorite bruschetta board at La Bocca with combinations like fig, prosciutto and marscapone or pesto and diced tomatoes. A sneak peek at a creative friend's gorgeous handmade vintage crosses
Wearing of Chanel's newest, Peridot on my nails. Red fire dragon roll at Pure with spicy tuna topped with jalopeno. 
Best breakfast spot in town perfectly named the Breakfast Club offering a chorizo omelette with red and green peppers. Lastly a new pair of feather earrings from Urban Outfitters.

Friday, August 26, 2011

B Quoted: Friday motivation

Just pinned these images over on Pinterest and they gave me some motivation so I thought I'd share. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

B Getaway: Seattle to Phoenix

While you all are enjoying today's nail pairing post, I am on a plane to Arizona. This will be my first return to the desert since my move back to the Northwest. A weekend away in the high heat can only be celebrated with best friends, cocktails and amazing food. All my favorites are in a mental list waiting for me to binge on the foods I have missed.

I'm slowly getting the hang of weekend travel and was so proud of how many 3 fl oz beauty products I could fit into my carry on. It is a science. Better I learn now before my trip to New York City in a couple weeks. I will be attending the Lucky Fashion and Beauty blogger conference (unfortunately the same day as IFB conference) as well as attending as many Fashion's Night Out events as I can. Are you going?


B Played: Nail polish pairing

Last week I was in need of a manicure so I slipped into Julep nail parlor unexpectedly to get the works. A spontaneous manicure and pedicure can turn your whole day around but without knowing exact color I wanted it took me awhile to narrow down. I typically bring in my own nail color to a salon so that I'll have it for touch ups and get a great color if a salons selection is low. After some deliberation and some hesitation to the bright purple I decided upon,  Julep's Anne.

I quickly fell in love with the color over the next few days and went back to purchase the polish for my collection. Though after a four day wear (that's ages in terms of me wearing nail color) I needed a change but didn't want to stop wearing the purple I fell so deeply in love with. While the ring finger manicure is a great way to pair nail colors, I wasn't satisfied with giving this color just one nail so I opted for the two middle surrounded by a neutral dark blue (OPI's Road House Blue).

The combination was unexpected and one of my favorite nail pairings I've tried. What are your favorite nail color pairs? If you're wearing them tweet or post a picture to my facebook page to share and possibly give me inspiration for my next manicure!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

B Equipped: Beauty gadgets

Sometimes a girl just needs a gadget or two to get the job done.
1. Clarisonic mia: My own recent addition to the beauty routine. Still waiting to see the full results for a month stretch but already feel the difference with much softer skin. Easy to travel with as well in this convenient size.
2. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner: An affordable quick jewelry cleaner right in your own bathroom will keep your jewelry from tarnishing.
3. 5 Min shower timer: Do you take long showers and need to shorten your time? This convenient shower timer might keep you from running late and saving water.
4. Beauty blender: Every makeup artist swears by this unique design that blends in your makeup flawlessly. Next on my beauty gadget shopping list.
5. Heated eyelash curler: Do your hair eyelashes loose curl just after a few pumps of a curler? Try this heated curled with a protected eye wand that won't burn your lids.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B Taught: The fishtail braid

There has been a lot of braiding this summer and when you see the fishtail braid you can't help but be impressed. I have tried to teach myself this many times but it wasn't until this tutorial  from Katy of Sugarlaws where I finally got the hang of it. Practice does make perfect as well as some oil and dirt to create texture. Just another way to bring summer with you into fall wearing the fishtail braid to the side.

Monday, August 22, 2011

B Enjoyed: Night at the theatre

A night at the theatre was the way we wrapped up this last weekend. A warm Sunday night in Seattle perfect to wear my favorite new dress and jewels. We started our evening at RN74 where the atmosphere was modern but focused on French cuisine. I chose the dungeness crab bisque and filet that were all too good and had me wanting more but Les Miserable was about to start. So with a quick dash to the theatre and finding our seats, our night ended with talented performers giving us the best renditions of Master of the House, On My Own and of course, I Dreamed a Dream.

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar) Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Dress: Anthropologie, Ring: c/o Jewelmint

Friday, August 19, 2011

B Worn: Back to fall trends

If we aren't going back to school doesn't mean we have to miss out on all the fall shopping. This season I'm on the look out for rich leather boots, leopard print in new ways, grey hues, mixing metals and burgundy accents. This ensemble styled below shows each of those trends in a subtle fall way.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

B Mixed: Jonathan Adler + Lacoste

I am dying over these new designs by Jonathan Adler for Lacoste. I was already thinking of taking up tennis and this racket cover just gave me the motivation. His unique pattern mixing and bright color combinations work perfectly with Lacoste's classic design. What do you think of the collaboration? Will you be hitting the court too?
images via here and here

B Noted: A thinking question

From a young age I bought every decorative journal I could find. I loved the idea of a book that carried my thoughts. For a few days I would write my recent crushes, school complaints and things the world wouldn't understand but it eventually wouldn't last as intended. This blog was approximately attempt #4 at keeping something going and am blessed to find a way to share my creativity. Though if I shared every thought I had with you, you may have stopped reading a bit a go. So I always result to pen and paper to keep, organize and experiment my thoughts and ideas. Where do you keep your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B Tried: Eyelash extensions

We all want them and try every mascara to get them, long gorgeous eyelashes. This last weekend I took up a spas’ deal to try eyelash extensions for the first time. I had heard a lot of good things about the results from friends and was mesmerized by the idea of not wearing mascara everyday. My eyelashes are naturally good with length but if I had an opportunity to wear false eyelashes to make them look fuller, I would take it.

The process of the eyelash extension was not what I expected which I regret not being prepared for. You are comfortably placed in a nice chair where you must lie for two hours with your eyes close and no breaks. This was a process that didn’t sit with me too well because once I’m told to not move I’m like a five year old and want to jump up!

Each of the fake lashes are individually glued to your existent lashes. There is no harm to your natural lashes as they will fall out naturally as they always do. Because of the precision and importance that the lashes are glued properly is why you are bound to that chair for two hours.

I can’t deny that the length of the process has been worth my amazing eyelashes for the last five days. I love that my eyelashes are always defined without much work from me. The eyelashes are expected to last you 3 ½ to 4 weeks depending on how well you care for them. Then, its back to the chair for just a hour. I plan on getting mine refilled at that time just because I have upcoming trips but have not decided if this is worth the $59 refill for myself. Here are some pointers to keep your new eyelashes in great shape:
  • Avoid pulling, picking or twisting your lash extensions. This can cause damage to your natural lashes and lead to premature shedding of your extensions.
  • Use a lash wand to fluff your extensions to reduce tangling and flipping every morning and night
  • Avoid cosmetic products or cleanser containing glycols, organic solvents, urea or high concentration of alcohol that could break down the adhesive on the lashes

I would recommend eyelash extensions for anyone that wants darker, longer, thicker eyelashes and less time in front of the mirror. The benefits are immediate and I love the results.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

B Wrapped: DIY Rhinstone threaded earrings

Lately I've been looking for great bold earrings that don't over power my face or outfit. I recently saw a pair of earrings that inspired this DIY and thought "I can make that!' So I did. The earrings were easy to make and materials cost not much at all. I found my basic gold hoops on sale at Nordstrom Rack but you can grab a pair at H&M or Forever 21 for under $5. Choosing the color of the embroidery thread is completely up to you and can really change the earrings from Summer to Fall. Happy DIYing!

Step one: measure the rhinestone chain around the hoops measuring about half of the circle. Only measure once but cut two pieces the same length
Step two: Lightly glue the rhinestones around the bottom half of the hoops. Don't worry about the neatness of the glue when attaching as thread will cover any imperfections!

Step three: Tie a knot with the thread starting at the back of the earring
Step four: Wrap around between each rhinestone twice in the same direction also wrapping over the knot tail
Step five: When you reach the end of the rhine stone wrap around last rhinestone to swtich directions and repeat step four in the opposite direction
Step six: Secure thread with a tight double knot at the end at snip tail. (This will be in the back of the earring and hardly noticeable when wearing.)
*UPDATED: On my nails I am wearing, OPI Uh oh roll down the window seen here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

B Worn: Olive green nails

It's becoming to be that time where your torn between Summer and Fall. Ready for fall collections but not ready to say bye to Summer. I'm enjoying the Seattle weather as our Summer just decided to show up but secretly want to turn over my closet to Fall. First step into the switchover is starting at nails.

Browsing into MAC cosmetics yesterday I got a preview of the new MAC Me Over collection and one thing caught my eye, olive green polish titled Fatigues. The collection isn't available until August 25th, otherwise my nails would have been well polished before I got to the exit.

And because once I have an idea in my head, I just can't stand to wait so I found Uh-oh Roll Down the Window by OPI color to tide me over. I can also go to that fall back from last season Essie's Sew Psyched that I couldn't get enough of. Regardless of which color you choose, olive green is a color you should fall into (pun intended).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

B Trend: Orange accents

The other day I just started playing around in my bathroom with some new favorites. You can still play dress up as you get older can't you? I found myself obsessed with my newest orange accents in lip color to my silk scarf purchased at the market in Florence. The lip color is a great burnt orange by Revlon (under $8!) and will surely make an appearance in NYC next month for Fashion's Night Out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

B Fit: Work it out

Oh dear, I might regret making this public but I am in desperate need of getting fit. Since my injury in January there has been a good excuse to avoid physical activity but now it's time to shape up. I am currently in that infatuation with the gym phase where I love going and like what I'm getting (even the sore muscles). It's time to get back in the hang of things and new workout gear is always a good motivation. You also realize just how often you need to do laundry when you work out everyday so my solution is to buy more, plus I like the bright colors.

As I have been fairly new back in the gym I have gotten into some good habits and figuring out some mind tricks that help me going.
  • Cover your prorgress: when i'm on the elliptical or treadmill it can be addicitng to check how long (or much longer) you have to go. I now cover mine with a towel so that i won't obsess.
  • Set a timer: following the previous tip, set a timer on your ipod so that you get in the groove and hit your time goal
I'm still new to getting back to the gym but will try to share more tips as I find more that work for me!
1. adidas by Stella McCartney tennis woven jacket
2. Lucy gym power headband
3. Lululemon hot yoga hobo
4. Camelbak better sport bottle
5. Nike free run +2
6. adidas by Stella McCartney run short
7. Lululemon 50 rep bra

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

B Woven: How-to waterfall braid

As my bangs have been growing out I have looked for new ways to pull my hair out of my face. While the 'Lauren Conrad' braid is a nice fall back, I have loved photos of the waterfall braid floating around the blogosphere lately. The look is simple and easy if you already know the basic of french braids. I braided mine loosely in big sections to get this look but it can be braided tight and in smaller sections to show off more.
Step one: Beging braiding as you start a french braid pulling sections from the top of your head.'
Step two: When it comes time to grab hair from the bottom, drop the piece and grab a new piece to braid into.
Repeat steps one and two until finished and secure with a bobby pin. Braid the waterfall way with wavy, messy or straight hair!

Monday, August 08, 2011

B Fitted: Ryan Gosling men style inspiration

Since I saw the preview, I knew I wanted to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. This weekend it was a task to find someone who equally wanted to see it as much as myself so as it came I did something for the first time. I went to the movie by myself! I have always been scared of going to a movie of myself worried about what others would think but finally deciding that I wasn't going to have anyone hold me back from seeing a movie of interest was empowering. Sunday at the movie theaters with a small bag of popcorn was both relaxing and indulgent.

 In every film, there is a reason for each characters pieces and the ones of Ryan Gosling's character were rich and tailored. His strong male character shows his self confidence through each accessory he wore from tortoise glasses to a cognac belt paired with black suits. I was inspired by his style and thought it would be a perfect male inspiration after the rough edges of Adam Levine months ago.

1. Jack Spade sunglasses

2. Jack Spade leather flask

3. Leoni Braconi reversible belt

4. Canali cashmere sweater

5. Slim fit jacquard trousers

6. Nixon time teller watch

7. Ike Behar silk tie

8. Gucci suede and monk shoe

9. Richard James wool jacket

Friday, August 05, 2011

B Travels to Florence

The last place we visited on our European trip was the gorgeous city outside Tuscany, Florence. I absolutely loved this city with the cobblestone streets and shopping markets. Our hotel had gorgeous views of the city and all the compliments of home, I didn't want to leave! Instead of a group of photos I thought I'd let you in on our trip and you can really see how much I really did eat. You can't stop but want to try everything in Italy and it was worth every indulgence!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

B Falling: Leopard loafers

With all the back to school signs I can't help but start planning my own back to fall wardrobe. I always know it's close to fall when I start craving leopard, a classic animal print in neutral colors. I love the sophisticated look of an oxford with a fun twist with leopard. Simply pair with blue denim, white tee, bright scarf and blazer for a timeless fall look.
1. Jeffrey Campbell 'mention' flats
2. Steven by Steve Madden Madee
3. Sam Edelman Alvin leopard (ON SALE!)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

B Travels: Roman holiday

After Turkey we made the trip to Italy and the first thing on my mind was pizza. On the search for the best cafe in Roma you are caught by the sight of the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and other eye catching landmarks. Our trip in Roma was short but didn't keep us from fitting it all in along with a few pizzas a day just like the Romans do.

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