Thursday, June 30, 2011

B Coveted: Bright trench

B Pinned: DIY Felt pom hair pin

As I've been growing out my hair, my bangs have gotten to that awkward stage where I'm trying to find new ways to keep them back. I've seen so many pom decorations lately that I wanted to take the trend to my hair. This DIY is so simple and just needs a hot glue gun and a barrette to hold the pom.
With felt cut out circles 1 1/2 wide in diameter fold in half placing glue directly in the middle, keeping the shape but not glueing the sides together. Fold again in half glueing the same way. Repeat step three more times until you have four folded pieces.

Glue all four pieces together creating a circle. Fluff up felt, then glue to a barrette or pin of your choice!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

B Printed: Crazy for ikat

Bright prints is one of my favorites for Summer and ikat keeps getting my attention. What I love about ikat is that there are so many variations of the dyeing technique that you are always finding a different look with the same print. I've been keeping my eye out for ikat details to add to my summer wardrobe this summer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B Inspired

Just a few of my favorite ways to become inspired. What's your trick?

Monday, June 27, 2011

B Hunting: A short story

As summer vacations are approaching it is time to stock up on shorts in my suitcase. There are so many options in style right now rather than my traditional denim fallback. Delicate silk shorts with pretty edges are perfect for late warm dinner nights while the color denim shorts make a statement for day tours. Not sure which will end up in my vacation bag but I will sure have fun shopping.

Friday, June 24, 2011

B Learned: How-to paint your own nails

I get a lot of questions on what are my tips for painting my nails. I change my nail color so often that if I relied on the talents of a professional my fashion fund would quickly depreciate. It isn’t always clean and it isn’t always easy but with practice and taking your time you’ll have a near perfect manicure in no time. 

1.     Make your first stroke down the center of your nail starting just before your cuticle. Push brush wide to maximize color spread.
2.     Stroke to right of middle stroke and expand brush by adding pressure reaching to the almost side of your nail
3.     Repeat on left side
4.     For second coat, start again in middle expanding brush
5.     Without re-loading brush move closer to sides if bare nails show
6.     Repeat on each nail
7.     We aren’t perfect so if you get paint outside your nail: wait for nails to dry and dip a q-tip in polish remover to clean up sides

Thursday, June 23, 2011

B Paired: Complimenting your nails and toes

A mistaken rule of beauty might be that your nails should match from your hands to your toes. If you still do this, it’s okay but with so many exciting color choices today I will take all reasons to try another one. There are some pairings you can try so that both your toes and nails compliment each other without being matchy-matchy. 

Tomorrow on the blog, how to paint your own nails.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

B Seen: Camera photo displays

It is happening more often where we are leaving our big cameras at home and relying on our smart phones to capture our favorite moments. With popular iPhone apps such as Insta.gram and Hipstamatic it is easy to make your quick photos look professional. I'm finding it less often though that these photos are being printed and displayed to friends and family off the phone. Came across these two ideas and love the large size of multiple phone photos curated together to form one large display. The other option is to create a mosaic photo magnet, a twist on just posting a printed photo on the fridge. Let us challenge each other to start putting our camera photos out for everyone to see!

big display//magnets

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

B Looking: Shopping for new specs

I don't wear glasses all the time but do have a prescription for heavy reading (and when an outfit calls for nerd accessories). My existing pair are a timeless Chanel but since the nerd trend is on the run I am searching for stronger rims for my eyes. Many more designers are coming out with optical lines and its time to do some shopping around. Which glasses would you choose to wear?
1. LNA Rialto glasses
2. Warby Parker winston in lunar fade
3. Tory Burch round cat eye
4. Super People glasses
5. Kate Spade Rebecca glasses

Monday, June 20, 2011

B Needs

Colorful and classic.

B Thick: Multi-use hair product

Over the last few months I have become addicted to my Bumble and Bumble thickening hair spray. It has become an essential in my hair routine and really helps my fine hair appear and feel thicker. At night occasionally I will also use the thickening hair serum that is double the goodness. So when I found another use for my magic thickening spray I had to share. On day 2 when I want to avoid washing my hair all over again I re-spray the product into my roots and brush through. The alcohol in the spray helps soak up hair oil and prevents grease. Any excuse to not wash your hair everyday, right?

Friday, June 17, 2011

B Crafty: DIY Thread wrapped bracelet

I saw a thread wrapped leather belt last week and loved the simplicity and different color choices. For this bracelet I chose different shades of green and wrapped them at random times with irregular lengths. I wanted the bracelet to embrace imperfections of my far from perfect hand wrapping.

Directions are simple and follow straight through the pictures. If you can tie a knot, then you can make this bracelet. You can purchase a brand new craft wooden bracelet from any art store or wrap an old bracelet you already own but don't care for! For the blue bracelet shown in the picture below I used a $0.59 brass ring that happened to fit over my hand.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

B Rough: Adam Levine style inspiration

I admit, this idea came from watching ABC's The Voice. I was impressed and loving Adam Levine's style on the behind the scenes shots. His style is LA comfort balanced by rough edges with strong denim and leather. The grandfather sweater is modernized with fitted jeans and trendy sneakers and wayfarers. He shows his rocker style with a sophistication and cleanliness that some could take note from.
1. American Rag textured stripe shirt
2. J Crew Shawl collar cardiagn
3. Zara round cuff links
4. Levi Rigid super skinny jean
5. Zanerobe 'Fleet' trim fit crewneck tee
6. Steve Madden Uzzi black leather sneakers
7. Retrosuperfuture Havana sunglasses

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

B Special: Father's Day gift guide

Shopping for my own Father is near difficult because the man knows what he wants and gets it. But here are some peeks of what I think any great dad would enjoy. Whether its something for the grill, high tech gadget or something to help his style along the way, this is the day to show him you care!
2. Brooks Brothers suspenders

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B Sipping: Casual champagne

A few weeks ago I posted the quote below to my tumblr and loved how many agreed with me that this quote by Hester Browne holds true. When do you have a glass of champagne? A celebration? A party? What about on a Sunday night? Sometimes there is more of just a reason to celebrate. I think more champagne just because needs to happen so why not add some gold shimmer in your ensemble as well. Cheers!

1. TopShop gold eyeshadow
2. Kate Spade lido flats
3. J Crew gold belt
4. Chanel Gold Lame polish

Monday, June 13, 2011

B Daring: Hot pink lips

I am aiming to be more adventurous with my lip color. I have become comfortable with nude lips but sometimes a pop of color just helps your mood. To find my right hot pink, I rounded up my 6 empty cases of MAC makeup and went in for my free lipstick (great recycling program). It was the perfect solution to try a new color out of my comfort zone because when it's free you won't feel as guilty putting money on something you won't necessarily wear every day. Pink lips are hot for summer and my suggestion for a first time user is wearing them on a girls night out. Your ladies will help you embrace your hot pink lips and you won't worry what anyone else is thinking! So why don't you go ahead and try?
I am wearing Impassioned by MAC

Friday, June 10, 2011

B Optimistic

simple and sweet today. happy friday.
image via pinterest

Thursday, June 09, 2011

B Inspired: A tale of two colors

Browsing the internet yesterday I came across these clusters of bracelets and immediately lusted after the color combination. Coral is one of my favorite colors for summer because of its bright pink/orange that compliments tans perfectly. I have a major lack of seafoam in my closet but will need to look for some special pieces to compliment the coral. A soft green is the perfect pairing to vibrant coral, don't you agree?
bracelets by cara accessories

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

B Sorted: No closet solution

All my clothes are still stored in boxes as I try to find temporary solutions to organize them making dressing a bit easier. I love this idea of a rolling rack closet and how chic it was made to fit the room. I think I'll have to choose my items carefully and store others that won't be worn currently to make this look seem clean and efficient. Even if you had a full closet you can still use this unique storing solution because I am sure many of us are out growing our closets.

Image source

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

B Arrived: Road trip complete

I made it to Seattle yesterday safe and sound! The drive went great and I am happy to be home out of a car for awhile. On my trip I really fell more in love with Instagram. It is a great phone app that allows you to upload photos and try different photo settings. I was able to share my trip with you via Instagram, Twitter or tumblr. My own photo diary, here are a few photos I took with it on my trip!

Friday, June 03, 2011

B Movin: Next stop... Seattle

Starting the drive back to Washington today. Nail polish and laptop are securely packed in the car ready to hit the road. Doesn't feel real that I'm moving but really can't wait for this drive. My camera will be at my right hand documenting my trip with stops in San Francisco and the beautiful Oregon coast but if you can't wait be sure to follow my Tumblr. I am addicted to Instagram and will surely be updating with my favorite sights.

Any last minute road trip tips you have for me? It's six hours until my first stop and reading your comments always make my day! Enjoy your weekend, next time we talk I'll be in a new state.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

B Inspired: Frame worthy

I am in love with this image from J. Crew's most recent lookbook with Prabal Gurung. I love the simplicity and pink lips. I am inspired by the pale blue, white and pink color scheme. I think I need to hold onto this one and frame for my next apartment. I picture a large white matte and crisp square frame above a black and white reading chair. See more of the lookbook photos here.

Tomorrow is the big move and can't believe it's here. My usual days working on my computer have been overtaken by trips to goodwill and sending all my clothes up to the Northwest so I have begun to cherish my time where I call it quits for the night and get to blog. Though I'm spending tonight with my close girlfriends eating my favorite pizza with a bottle of wine on my living room floor amongst boxes. I am going to miss them.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

B Pretty: A small break...

Packing hasn't gotten the worst of me yet but the last couple days I never thought packing my closet would be so overwhelming. I am vowing now to clean out my closet every season and not get emotionally attached to clothes. Hold me to that! I needed a break from packing to re group and came across these gorgeous photos of Kate Moss for Vogue Brazil. I just needed something pretty to look at before I get back to the dirty of organizing my life into a few boxes.

B Wants: Sailing & TOMS

Have you tried TOMS? I couldn't believe how comfortable my first pair were and now a new summer collection came out! How perfect would the yellow stitchouts be for a day on a boat? Don't think I have ever been sailing but I think it's time I grabbed some cute shoes, a bottle of rosé and hit the ocean. Who wants to join me?

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