Friday, April 30, 2010

B Jelly

It was only just a handful of years ago where we were all running around the playground in jelly sandals. Who's happy they're making a comeback? I'm loving all the jelly that is perfect for summer and running around.

Tory Burch introduced her Jelly reva flats last year that come in the most adorable of summer colors. Something new she came out with this season is her basic Thora sandal in jelly as well!

Jimmy Choo is also following the jelly suit with their 'Maui' Jelly Thong. The turquoise color is a perfect compliment to your summer denim or your turquoise Chanel polish on your toes!
 Jelly isn't coming out just in footwear either but in nail polishes! Butter London's newest collection is titled appropriately 'Jelly' as the nail polish is sheer and meant to layer. One coat for subtle, 2 for color and 3 for pure color. You can also layer over each other and make new colors!

Another jelly for your wrist is Michele's 'Tahitian Jelly Beans' watch. Every woman should have a white watch for spring and summer but personally I am a fan of the lime green. Something unexpected always gives an outfit interest. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

B Nailed

It's about that time again where I get all giddy and excited over nail polishes. Okay, so this may be an all the time affair but rather than flooding the blog with numerous posts i thought I'd squeeze in my favorite summer shades into one! Just so happens that there are some celebrities that agree with me...

Essie Pink Parka
Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and Cassie are just a few of the many celebrities that are sporting neon pink nail polish. The bright neon is something no one will miss this summer. Try to keep nails short with color to keep it fashion forward and not dated. Scared of the neon? First try it on toes!

Chanel 527 Turquoise
As seen on some of the likes of Whitney Port, turquoise nails are hot this summer! This color was part of Chanel's summer collection and a beauty must have. Stores have sold out quickly so be sure to snag yours. Try Nordstrom or Chanel boutiques.

Essie Tart Deco
You've all seen Oprah's favorite things and when Oprah says you have to have it you have to it! Just so happens that I was gaga over this color before noticing that it one of Oprah's cosmetics O-Wards. The lighter orange is a great compliment color to any skin tone and a step away from just a pale pink.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

B Collaborative

There has been a few times when two great individuals have put their energy together to create brilliance. Such as Beyonce and Jay Z, Stella McCartney and Gap Kids (have you seen the shopping bags? adorable) and now there is Jonathan Adler and Seven for all mankind.

If you caught on to the home decor tv show craze then chances are you have seen Jonathan Adler as the Top Design judge. He has made his own success in home design where he is known for bright colors and bold patterns.

Now the decor maven is pairing with Seven for all mankind for a new line due out shortly. Adler's good eye for color and patterns compliments Seven's american industrial aesthetic. Add the belt and scarf to my shopping list-- I can't wait!
private residence designed by Jonathan Adler

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

B Extreme

Chanel is doing it to me again, releasing a new limited edition black and gold series. This collection was shown on their 2010 Paris Ready to Wear runway and now at the top of my shopping list! The nail polish also has a dueling eye shadow that is perfect for sultry eyes. A dramatic change just in time for summer nights is exactly what we needed, thank you Chanel!

Monday, April 26, 2010

B Daytime Datable

A lot of women would agree with me that half the stress of dates is deciding what to wear. Whitney Port is one of my favorite fashion inspirations because she is always willing to take a risk while highlighting her assets.

In a daytime date, Whitney wore a simple dress that was eyecatching with color and kept everything simple. Not that I am any dating expert but in personal experience, guys get easily distracted so keep the accessories minimal. Urban Outfitters is a great place to find bright everyday dresses that can be dressed up or down.

While heels typically are the perfect date accessory it is best to keep them for night rather than daytime. Daytime dates may be a bit more playful and adventurous and last thing you need is a trip to the doctor in result of twisting your ankle. I love Whitney's short ankle boots, try something urban like Whitney or a simple sandal would be great too. I love Sam Edelman's Gigi sandal that comes in a array of colors and very comfortable. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

B Opinionated

There are many times when I get frantic calls from friends who don't know what to wear or are unsure about a current outfit they have on. So good news for them when I am not available. A brilliant site where you can post your picture and everyone will give you their opinion! is brilliance. Sign on and give your opinion or if testing out an outfit for a hot date, post it up! Don't be scared... alot of the postings have been really sweet and helpful rather than just an opportunity to put someone down. I'm still debating on whether to post my current outfit now or not...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

B Targetted

While it may be Earth Day there is a different date that is on my mind. Saturday April 25th, Zac Posen for Target arrives in stores and online! His collection already sold out last week at his pop up shop in New York in less than 24 hours so you can only imagine the demand. Posen stated to the NY Post

“I’m ready for the next challenge: to dress a lot more kinds of women, especially at this price point,” Posen says. “We’ll see the demand and we’ll see if I can create at this price point or lower. It’s the wave of the future.”
Just two more days till his gorgeous designs arrive on the shelves and I hope to not be disappointed like I was by Jean Paul though with the look book preview I have already marked a few favorites.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

B Dyed

We've come a long way from the seventies days of head to toe tie dye and parties where you created your own shirts. But just like the rest of fashion, tie dye is making a come back.

The Olsen twins have made quite the child star comeback from singing along videos to their newest endeavor, Elizabeth and James. Elizabeth and James, named after their parents, has created amazing pieces that have great tailoring and draped fit. They take classic pieces but have a spin. In a down time during work I spotted their Overdyed Drape Back Jersey Tee and my obsesesion with tie dye was ignited.

When looking for tie pieces stick to classic shapes. This is a trend that you don't want to over due or you'll look dated. Some great pieces are coming from Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch. Tory Burch whole new collection is focused on blue tie dye. Both of these designers are staying true to sticking to one trend though Minkoff can't resist a few studs here and there but who can blame her?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

B Impulsive

We all have experienced impulse shopping. It is why stores have all the trinkets in the cashier waiting line. It's the last minute thoughts that you see, love, must have. I just experienced this in record time via twitter. Thank's to DVF's quick tweet of the introduction of their iPhone cover, I saw, I purchased in less than 3 minutes flat.

I recently have had an incident with my iPhone front screen shattering and every comment I receive is "you should have a case on it". Well personally while its not always practical, I am more about aesthetic than function and thanks to DVF I can have both!

The case was created to promote DVF's newest iPhone application where you can find runway updates, DVF video, shop finder (HELLO! best feature when in a new city), exclusive products and music. Successful companies have caught on that this is a great new way to connect to their consumer and just gives me another excuse to love my iPhone.
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