Thursday, December 17, 2009

B Copied

I have been suggested a few times to post my outfits on here to show my readers new looks. But for someone who possibly changes their outfit twice a day and maybe takes about 5 times to find 1 of those outfits, that would be quite a bit of posting. But just yesterday while working I received so many comments on my outfit that I thought I would share.

First off ladies, if you do not already have a pair of double knit leggings or ponte pants as their sometimes called, you must. I bought this Seven For All Mankind pair when I began back at Nordstrom and I haven't been able to take them off. They are so comfortable and cute with the classic Seven pockets that appear to have them be black denim. I have worn them with both flats and easily slipped them in boots. To offset the tighter bottom I instantly grabbed this Bellatrix top once it came onto our floor. This silk top is so easy to throw on and still look put together, not too mention the gorgeous purple.

Almost every time I wear my boots to work I have people asking "who makes those?" "where'd you get those boots??". I got my boots last summer and if you can remember far back was featured in own of my first blog postings. I tried desperately to find the exact boots for my readers but unfortunately I can't find them anywhere, I guess it was a good idea for me to buy fall boots in the summer! These Steve Madden Entyce boots are similar style and same color as mine. I wore this chestnut brown because it compliments the purple and pops against the black.

My favorite part of this outfit was probably honestly my nail color. Now don't think that I go around and change my nails every day to compliment my outfit. Who has time for that? (though it would be great). I just coincidently painted my nails this amazing OPI color the day before named Pamplona Purple and realized it just about the exact same purple. It's a vibrant color on your nails and great getaway from staple red this holidays.

This outfit is literally three pieces that I threw on without effort and became instantly cozy chic I like to say. Feel free to switch any of the three out but this is definetely a staple for this winter of skinny leggings/jeans, a long tunic and boots that will get you out of the house and say goodbye to just another sweatsuit.

Monday, December 14, 2009

B Greedy

 During the holiday season I am trying to remember it is the season of giving and not receiving but with all these fabulous gifts you can't help but want them all for yourself! Here are a few of my faves of the moment that I am lusting after for this holiday.

For the Nerd in you: Amazon Kindle I have tried buying a few books online and reading them from my macbook but was never sold. I, like Carrie Bradshaw love the smell of books. Holding them in your hand, hearing the swish of passing pages but now the Kindle has made me go green. Yes. I want to give up that wondrous smell. My sister was actually the one that sold me on the kindle as she explained how easy it is to read books in bed now!

For the girly girl that needs an edge: Leather Jacket Every woman needs a need leather jacket in her closet. I love this one from June Leather at Nordstrom. One look at it and I was in love but didn't think twice about it because leather jackets have the reputation for being overly pricey. But at $298 (and employee discount) I couldn't resist too much longer. I know I should've waited for Christmas but there are way too many holiday dresses that are going to look divine with this leather.

For the sweet one: Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Gentlemen, pay attention. I was given a sample of this scent when I previously purchased my Chanel Jade Laquer and once I tested this scent, I was in love. I have been guilty for wearing the same perfume for years because its a huge bottle and I haven't needed an excuse for a new one but Coco Mademoiselle is such a light sweet fragrance I am hoping it comes with a little red bow under the tree.

For the one who has almost everything: Rebecca Minkoff Bracelets: It was months ago in an earlier post I admitted my obsession with the upcoming Rebecca Minkoff bracelets. I have been waiting anxiously for them to arrive on any e commerce site and finally Rebecca has them up herself along with one of my shopping favorites, shopbop! This is one definitely for the list and any fashion girl would adore this Christmas if you're still looking for options.

Friday, December 04, 2009

B Merry

There are a lot of little things that make the holiday special. It may be as simple as hearing the bell ringing from the salvation army santa outside the mall or maybe its the taste of peppermint from your candy cane or hot chocolates but one great clear sign of the holiday season is receiving your friends and families' seasons greetings card in the mail. It is the time where you get to hear all about those loved ones adventures from the previous year.

I am glad that no one has completely made the switch to virtual Christmas cards because there is something romantic and classic about receiving mail. Before the age of e-mail the only way of communicating with your loved ones was what we now call "snail mail" but girls tell me if there isn't any one of you who have seen The Notebook that wouldn't be disappointed in finding a love letter or even a postcard in the mail. Men, take notes (then mail it!).

So while I am not sending everyone of my family an updated picture of me and my fish this 2009, I am sharing one of my newest loves this year, my blog. I have really enjoyed finding this way to express my thoughts to others and finding a new outlet for my creativity. There is a great online company Tiny Prints that helped with my creation of my holiday season greetings. You can choose one of many designs and personalize it to your liking! Of course I came up with my tagline 'B Merry' then in the verse inside wished everyone a Merry Christmas and let them know my reason for 'Just B' which as I hope you know is answer B, all of the above.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

B Reinvented

Every brand goes through a cycle. After their initital launch there is a perception about them that is created and if we all have listened to Heidi we know that in fashion, "One day you are in and the next day you are out." To prevent the out AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans has created themselves a new image. I too myself have become reinvented by returning to my former place of employment retail department store heaven formally known as Nordstrom. This is a plus for you too blog readers as now being first hand in the line of retail I am the last thing that comes between you and walking off with those new jeans so prepare to read even more about my new obsessions.

A plus of returning to retail heaven has been learning about new launches of denim and clearly one of those was AG. All of AG jeans are made in the U.S. in their own facility in Southgate, CA. A rare find for premium denim these days. One of my favorite facts I learned about AG is that they are the only denim label that has 2 different back pockets on every pair of bottoms. There is a significant difference between their left and right pocket that creates the best illusion of your bum!

AG is reinventing themselves to a younger market and have been worn by many celebrities. Some of the celebrity favorites are the tomboy boyfriend fit and also the Premiere skinny style which is my favorite with their 7 year wash. The jean was processed and baked (yes they put them in an oven) to look as if they've been worn for 7 years. Another great part of AG's processing is their 3D whiskering. Some jeans have the whiskering on their jeans all in the wrong spot but AG has put each pair of their jeans on a human walking simulator that creates the vintage wash in the all the right places.

With this new launch of a new look, AG Adriano Goldschmied is reinventing themselves the right way back into the fashion industry. Their denim is continually being mastered to be the fest fit they can be with the best techniques and fabrics. Everyone gets a second chance and AG has gotten it right.
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