Wednesday, March 17, 2010

B Envious

While I do think it is cliche to wear green on St. Patrick's Day... I found myself green with envy over these Lanvin flats I'd like to see myself with this spring!

 Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

B Great

Each season I typically get caught up in a color obsession. In elementary school it was baby blue thanks to Gap Kids. I had the backpack, rain coat, sweat shirt, shoes all covered in baby blue. Well not much has changed over the years because after looking over my recent purchases I have found that I am attracted to coral. Coral has made its way out of the Great Barrier Reef and into my closet.

Coral is such a great accent color for spring. As I have mentioned earlier in a previous post I have found my perfect accessory as my layered bead necklace that happens to be in coral. I have worn it with everything and has been nicknamed the 'traveling' necklace as it just works with every outfit. Following suit with my color choice I fell in love with Essie's California Coral nail color after a quick preview given by Lo Bosworth on twitter. I had to have it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

B Comparing

How many spring trends are you loving this season? Here is one that I unexpectedly adore. Denim flats! showed a snip of this of this trend as we've seen denim used in a lot of different ways for the upcoming season. I love both of these flats and can't decide which to go for... do I splurge or steal?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

B Perfect

Everyone always has a 'go to' item. I found mine while shopping for an ensemble appropriate for a bridal shower. It was a last minute add on that I found to compliment my upcoming spring wardrobe perfectly! Pair it over a t-shirt, dress or behind a blazer. I've already done it all and can't wait to wear it this weekend. It's just the perfect accessory to be that finishing touch!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B Instinctive

Yesterday was a mix of emotions for me as I anxiously anticipated the arrival of new DV by Dolce Vita boots. Just a week ago I saw the boots when Nordstrom started a big shoe sale online. I had seen the boots at 8 am bright and early and when I went back to show a friend, they were sold out! Right away I regretted not going with my instinct. But thankfully the online retail world worked in my favor and they magically reappeared in stock when I checked the next morning! I couldn't let myself hesitate another time, boots were purchased.

I have had this similar issue with another pair of black boots I had a huge obsession for months with. It was a tragic love affair of never in my size, debating the price towards end of the season, out of stock, color not an option. The shoe is a Corso Como Rachel II tall boot. So many of my coworkers had bought the boot and every time they've been worn I just swooned over them with gaga eyes. When the Nordstrom sale appeared the other day and I set my eyes on the DV by Dolce Vita on sale I gave up on my love affair with Corso Como.

Ordering anything online is the biggest tease. You add it to your cart and pay the fee and if you don't want to pay for express shipping wait 5-8 business days for them to arrive. Every half hour I was checking my tracking number on and awaiting for "In transit" to change "Delivered". At approximately 3:30 pm yesterday, it happened.

Unfortunately I learned a great lesson in online shopping. The boots just did not meet my expectations and my new item high dropped low. They did not fit how I imagined and just was not worth the money spent. Looks can be deceiving. To try to pick up my mood I thought I'd take a last over to find a possible replacement. Again browsing through the 'boot shop' I passed by the Corso Como boots. I playfully clicked for more information and scrolled to see what sizes were available. 7.5!!!! I stared in disbelief and instantly added to shopping cart. I knew this must mean it was meant to be and learned my lesson in online shopping. I chose Saturday delivery, no more waiting 5-8 business days.

B Rented

How could you ever miss the plugs for Bag, Borrow, Steal in Sex and the City the movie? Having a new accessory was made so easy but everyone was waiting to rent your outfit. Now you can..

Rent the Runway. The new concept was introduced to me this morning in my inbox via Rachel Zoe and I was blown away! They break up their steps as simple as

1) LOVE: Browse through our array of A-list designers and find a dress you love. Or two!
2) WEAR: Schedule a delivery date and your dress will appear on your doorstep, in two different sizes. Just to be safe.
3) RETURN: Put your dress in our handy pre-paid package and drop in the nearest mailbox. We take care of the dry cleaning!
Need I say more?

B Amazed

It is crazy how you can look at something one time and look the next time and see something completely different. Just last night I was looking through pictures on my last trip to Europe. This picture was taken by my lovely cousin Christina and I just noticed some particular writing on the orange flyer-- Just B?
 Photo by Christina Hussack

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

B Remembered

It has been a tragic lost in the fashion world that has still left some in disbelief. The sad news of the lost of young designer Alexander McQueen started New York fashion week with a somber mood. Designers have shown their last respects through their own creative outlets in shows. Betsey Johnson added a last minute tribute just days after the designer was reported dead. Stella McCartney wrote a personal note to her friend that stated "This one is for Lee... you are missed!"

Born Lee Mcqueen, Alexander McQueen was only a 40 year old creative director and designer for his own label. Established less than 10 years ago, McQueen made an impact on the fashion world that may have been over sighted until looking at his final looks. His creativity shocked and motivated his fellow designers to innovate. McQueen was a four time winner of the British Designer of the year award.

Courtesy of WWD
The Gucci group who aqquired 51% of Alexander McQueen just a decade ago have reassured the public that they are focusing on the business and putting all efforts towards keeping the designers' legacy successful. Viewing his final looks today, you can't help but be in awe of this masterwork.

"We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing — from street style, to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss." -Anna Wintour

Monday, March 08, 2010

B Ready

What does it take to be red carpet ready? A team of stylists, million of gown options, hours to get primped? There may be more involved but the women on the red carpet last night killed it. While there were a few mis steps by a few, the trends of the carpet were breathtaking. Here are some favorites:

Nude tones across the board-- breathtaking.

Prints on the red carpet are a risk-- daringly beautiful.

Volume is growing-- bigger the better.
Gold statues or gold gowns? Gold gowns, hands down.
GORGEOUS men-- the perfect accessory.

B Drenched

There's a rare opportunity of wearing rain gear here in Arizona but the last few days hav been giving us many opportunities. When it rains even I am tempted to do nothing and curl up in bed with a good book. While you can wear your sweats in bed, the rain is no excuse to get lazy with your ensemble. A couple months ago the Golden Globes were bombarded with precipitation and if Penelope can make her umbrella look like the perfect accessory, so can you.

Umbrellas have come a long way from the Mary Poppin's age. Designers left and right are being creative with the accessory. Marc by Marc Jacobs has come out with a number of different umbrella designs that make the accessory a trend must have.

I am jealous of those women who have somehow convinced themselves to buy a pair of rain boots while living in Arizona. Apparently a lot more have them and they were all pulled out without stops. My favorite rain boots above all though are the classic Hunter high gloss rain boot. This boot comes in a bunch of colors and color should always be included. A rainboot is not an every day accessory so it can be your pop of color in the downpour.

Friday, March 05, 2010

B Married

Courtesy of

Today I heard some of the best news a single girl could hear. Urban Outfitters Inc is expanding into the bridal industry! Yes you read that right. In Spring 2011, Urbn Inc will debut the expansion online. This includes bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and all other things wedding.

Anthropologie co-president Wendy B. McDevitt said, “We have found that many brides-to-be are inspired by our aesthetic. Of course, this means something different bride to bride, but essentially she’s telling us that she wants a certain product edit that only we can provide.”

Many real weddings featured on the famous wedding blog Style Me Pretty has shown many different circumstances where brides chose to adopt Anthropolgie into their wedding look. You can't tell me that you're not happy to be single now or if already married... start the renewing of vows planning begin!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

B Prepared

When I go to tell someone about what I am working towards I typically always get the question, "what do you want to do after you graduate?" My always open answer is I want to be part of the fashion industry. "Good luck" was a recent response I received. This kind of response typically might upset some but for me it motivates. I am always looking for as much advice as possible that I can consume during the next year countdown till graduation. This morning I was looking at internships (a typical everyday activity for me) and I came across this article posted by from Ed2010. The article gives you a checklist of things to do before an interview with a potential magazine employer. I found it very helpful and thought must of my readers would too. If you are not aiming to be apart of the fashion industry or work for a magazine I still suggest you read it and take what may be relevant to your desired field.

I came across an amazing section on Ed2010 called “Unsolicited Advice,” and it had a great article called “10 Things to Know Before You Interview” written by Kristin Granero. Because Ed2010 is geared towards those working towards a career in editorial, this article is for you, future fashion magazine editors!
Resume: Check. Perfect interview outfit: Check. Remembering to read the masthead before the interview? Whoops! In this competitive industry, it’s hard enough to land a meeting, let alone the job, and the last thing you want to do is look unprepared. Ed feels your pre- (and post) interview pain,so he put together this list of things to know before you go.

1. How to correctly spell the name of the magazine. Before you meet the editor, you’ll need a killer cover letter. It seems pretty simple, but add a “the” or a capital letter where it doesn’t belong and an editor may not think you belong, either. So remember, it’s Time magazine, not Time Magazine, and CosmoGIRL, not COSMOgirl.

2. The most popular sections. Though the features change from month to month, all magazines contain recurring columns that help distinguish them from other mags. A few examples are Newsweek’s “My Turn,” Ladies’ Home Journal’s “Can This Marriage Be Saved?,” and New York’s “Intelligencer.” If you’re not aware of these defining sections, an editor won’t think you know enough about the magazine to pitch relevant ideas or nail their voice—and you won’t get the gig.

3. The names of the editors. Your interviewer will likely refer to these very important staffers by their first names, and you don’t want to get caught looking puzzled when a Vogue editor mentions Anna. Review the masthead to familiarize yourself with the major players and the more junior editors in the specific department to which you’re applying.

4. The magazine’s audience. Finding out the reader’s average age and the target age (which aren’t always the same), as well as their sex, will help you figure out what types of subjects/celebrities they’d cover. For instance, you wouldn’t find much info on the Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen divorce drama in Seventeen, so pitching an idea on that will get you nowhere with that pub. Check out the magazine’s Web site for the media kit which usually contains this info for advertisers.

5. The dress code. Though that suit worked on your friend’s accounting firm interview, resist borrowing her lucky duds; even at magazines like Consumer Reports and BusinessWeek, you don’t have to be quite as formally dressed. And if you’re applying to a fashion magazine, like Marie Claire or W, show your fashion sense in your interview outfit. And if you’re up for a teen mag job, your clothes should be young and fun—but still appropriate, of course (save your jeans for once you get the job, and put away the cleavage!).

6. Total circulation. Do 2 million subscribe, another million pick it up on the newsstand, and another 3 million read their friends’ or doctors’ copies? If that’s the case, and you mistakenly say the circ. hovers around 100,000, you’re out. You can find this info for free on the Magazine Publishers of America’s (MPA) Web site,

7. Some of the magazine’s recent big stories. If you’re interviewing at Vanity Fair, you better know about the hubbub the semi-nude Miley Cyrus photos created. Editors commonly ask candidates about specific articles they’ve liked or think should have been approached differently. To be prepared, you should read as many back issues as possible (six is a good goal). It’s also smart to be on the up-and-up about any media buzz the mag has garnered; a google news search can help.

8. Its competitors. Though a magazine’s competition (mags in the same niche going after the same readership) isn’t usually the focus of an interview, it can come up. You should know what and who the magazine you’re applying to is up against, as well as what makes it unique from the others (this is also where those special columns and sections come into play). You wouldn’t want to pitch a story for American Baby that Babytalk featured the month before, but you do want to be able to suggest ideas that will give your mag a competitive edge.

9. What each position does within the publication. It’s hard enough deciding exactly what it it is you want to do with the rest of your life; the last thing you need is to settle on a title only to learn that the responsibilities aren’t at all what you wanted. An editorial assistant at a huge magazine may offer few writing opportunities, and even may be 100% administrative. If that’s not the kind of dues-paying you’re into, a mag with a smaller staff may be more your bag. Carefully read the descriptions in the postings, and ask your contacts if they know what duties people in that position at that mag usually have.

10. Its Web content. Now more than ever, magazines are relying on their Web brands to make their presence known and gain readers. At the very least, you should know the mag’s URL (and it’s not always straightforward; it’s, not, for instance), as well as any special features it has (like’s 30-day blogs). And, especially for teen mags, you should know about its MySpace and Facebook pages.”

Like I said in my last year of school I get alot of questions concerning my after school plans. While some say "you can do it" and others like told above say "good luck" my response is, it is important to do what you love. No matter how hard the industry might be, if you love it you will find your niche and be successful.

Also, check out this post by Free People on their blog about how Urbn, Inc is one of the most creative places in business!

B Craving

While the fashion world is focusing on Fall 2010 at fashion weeks, the rest of us are anticipating spring. Retailers are receving spring shipments and I am beginning my list of spring must haves:

Nude Shoes
 Perfect for dresses, skirts, denim and shorts. Everything associated with spring will go with nude shoes. A little extra pick me up about nude shoes is that they'll make your legs look longer!
Clockwise from Top Right: Jimmy Choo, Elizabeth and James, Tory Burch, Chloe (all on 

Statement Necklaces
Making their way over from fall, switch up this trend with brighter colors and lots of metallics! 
Clockwise from Top Right: Amanda Pearl, Noir Jewelry, Sachin + Babi, Adia Kibur (all on

Crossbody Clutches
Every spring outfit needs a pop of color and crossbody clutches are perfect. I am in love with the hobo international turquoise color!
Clockwise from Top Right: Hobo International, Rebecca Minkoff, Treesje, Marc by Marc Jacobs (all on

Monday, March 01, 2010

B Judging

Don't judge a book by its cover.

A quote we have all heard time and time again. But I have to admit, I do judge. When I browse borders I do wait to see what catches my eye. There is a reason why publishing sets asides a budget for book cover shoots. We're all about appeal and of course my favorite part of this appeal is the ones that have two handles on one side and come with something new inside! A shopping bag of course!

Not that I'm an expert but I have one theory about retailing, its all about the bag. Can you imagine walking into a Neiman Marcus and coming out with a plastic bag stamped with thank you three times? Exactly. There's something to say about a well made bag or gift wrap. It is a catch to persuade you and promote their brand imagine and I think its brilliant! I realized that I was a victim of this marketing strategy when I realize I have about a dozen robin egg blue boxes around my room. Every girl wants a gift in blue box with white ribbon oh and with the name Tiffany & Co. on it.

I grew up in the packaging/boxes world so maybe this is why I love shopping bags (my dad will get a kick out of that one) but I do have quite the pile up in my closet. But only of the good ones, I keep them so that I can reuse them if needed or they just look pretty! Some of my favorite packaging just happen to coincide with my favorite retailers. Tory Burch had the most amazing gift boxes I noticed this last Christmas when shopping for my mom. Honestly I wanted to give her the presents in hallmark gift bag and keep the boxes for myself! Another similar retail Kate Spade also seems to out do themselves on this one as well. Just the other night I walked away from the store with the most adorable small retail bag.

It says a lot for a company who cares how their product is packaged and exiting the store. It is possibly one of the most expensive parts of the business that some companies don't think about. But personally its the reason I, as a customer, return to the store and most always leave with the perfect package.
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