Wednesday, November 21, 2012

B Outfitted: English country weekend

Confession: I have a new guilty TV pleasure... Made In Chelsea. Because my reality TV intake wasn't enough already, I stumbled upon this British gem via the Style network and found my self clinging on to every perfectly accented word. Now don't let my beaming disguise this to be intellectual streaming but something about the dramatic life of London has me captivated and I'm 99% sure it's the preppy, luxurious fashion on the show.

Men rarely seen without pocket squares and women with undone hair with perfectly applied red lipstick have gotten my attention. My below outfit is an inspiration from a weekend they spent in the English country side (if you re read that sentence with a British accent, you'll see how fabulous country sounds.) This is the country I could get use to where I wear tailored blazers with fur accents. Sign me up!
ONE: Corgi cashmere heart socks
TWO: Black fleece plaid wool jacket
THREE: Madewell faux fur vest
FOUR: Rag & Bone Floppy Brim hat
FIVE: Via Spiga Riding Boot
SIX: Clare Vivier weekender bag

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

B Textured: Black on black

It's here, the holiday season is upon us which means ladies that it is time to get your party outfits together. I typically don't stray away from sequins during this time (though still present below) but lately I'm attracted all things dark and textured. I love the brocade pants with velvet flowers or the sequins that get lost in darkness. This is starting my holiday planning to a dark but good start.
1. Givenchy 'Taylor' Stud Earrings
2. TopShop Devore Peplum Top
3. Red Valentino Oversize Velvet Clutch
4. Current/Elliot Velvet Flocked Skinnies
5. J Crew Mini in black sequins
6. Big black bow headband

Friday, November 16, 2012

B Documented: Sushi date night

I've been back in Seattle for two weeks. It's the longest amount of time I've been within driving distance of my family and boyfriend for the last year. It's given me chances to play with my nephew every other day (dying for him to crawl) and have date nights with Nick. When I lived in New York, we would face time on Friday nights and text each other "When we're together in Seattle, let's go here.." messages.

Just as Top Chef Seattle is giving the nation a glimpse of this Pacific Northwest treasure. I'm hoping I'll get better at bringing out my digital camera so I can document Seattle's restaurants and hidden gems for you with date nights to come. Meanwhile, here are two Instagrams: one His, one Hers documenting our date night in Wallingford.

HIS Instagram: Sushi in Wallingord at Issian.Variety of sushi options and busy on a Sunday, all sure signs for a good meal.

HERS Instagram: Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Molly Moon's Ice Cream. I'm typically the one that drives the dessert truck during dinner dates. For years in Seattle, I had never experienced Molly Moon's and thought it was the perfect treat. With flavors like Balsamic Strawberry, Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Clove it happily satisfied my craving. I'm looking forward to going back when more Christmas varieties appear!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

B Patterened

Call it my Christmas spirit or being back in the Pacific Northwest but plaid has taken over my purchases. With building up my wardrobe after coming home in a quick fashion, I found myself with three plaid button downs in no time. Now while I'm trying to search for the perfect plaid scarf (red and green preferably) I have stumbled on other perfectly plaid items.
1. Gap Tartan iPad case
2. Embroidered tartan loafer
3. Penfield haverhill flannel shirt
4. Hanky panky plaid print bralette and boyshorts

Monday, November 12, 2012

B Styled: Leather leggings

When I start craving a clothing item, I can rarely rest until I find it. Last week I had leather leggings in mind. They had been on my brain for awhile but was skeptical if I could pull them off or afford them. Sure there are plenty of leather leggings out there but finding an affordable option that doesn't scream faux.

I finally found my pair (seen above) at Aritzia by Wilfred (for $135 -not available online). The faux leggings were thick to appear like real leather but stretchy to accommodate curves.When choosing leather leggings go with a first rule of choose ones that make you feel comfortable. They may need a few lunges to break in and give some more room. I like to pair mine with soft tops and classic accessories to off-set the "rock n roll' vibe.

Leather leggings:
ONE- Michael Kors Skinny faux leather leggings
TWO- Topshop premium heavy weight leggings
THREE- Blank denim faux leather leggings

Finishing details:
Over sized knitted sweater
Minimal flats from Aldo
Structured satchel

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

B Moved: From NYC to Seattle

It's been almost a complete month since my last post and that whole time I've been waiting to make an announcement. In the last year since I moved to NYC you may have noticed that my post consistency decreased. It wasn't as if I didn't want to blog anymore but had a hard time adjusting to full time work while balancing a personal hobby on the side. To be clarified, it wasn't as if it was hard to find time because I love but it was hard to defer on how to be honest on my blog.

When someone moves to New York, everyone's eye's light up when they ask you about living here. I feel as if I'm suppose to tell them about my five best friends who meet me everyday at the local coffee shop or my three girlfriends who have no successful personal relationshps. The truth is that there are parts of New York I love and then there are parts of New York that could never have me because my heart is in Seattle.

In the last year I've been in a long distance retlationship. I knew this from the beginning of my decision to move away from my family including my (at the time) pregnant sister and immediate family. It took me no time to make the decision to move to New York. Once I received my job offer, there was no question because I was so excited for the experience. Between that move, my long distance realtionship expanded to a romantic relationship with my boyfriend back home and a new relationship coming with the birth of my first nephew.

I knew very early that my heart was somewhere else. New york is a strong city and after living through one of the largest distasters to hit the city, I feel as if I'm leaving with a larger respect for those there. But when it comes to decision like last year when I followed my career dream I now decided to follow my heart.

Moving to Seattle sooner than planned came unexpectedly as I learned my building in New York was badly damaged from Hurricane Sandy. I came home with just a duffel bag while my belongings will sit in my apartment until power will be restored and the flooded parking garage filled now with gas is pumped out. I'm incredibly grateful for my safety and thankful that I had a warm loving family to bring me home. It's been the coziest week of being home spending time with my family and enjoying the natural beauty of Seattle.

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