Thursday, September 29, 2011

B Warm: Fall outfit inspiration

As the weather is changing and I realize that I can't get away with just those new denim and thin sweater top. It is time to start thinking layers for fall and get inspired by those who do it well. Weather its structured layers that neatly fit into place or loose layers that wrap around you for warmth.
images via pinterest

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

B Marked: You had me at bacon

Introducing my new favorite food blog. It has unique recipes with gorgeous food photography that jumps off the screen. If the title with bacon isn't enough then what about their most recent salted caramel and candied bacon ice cream recipe? Yes, I'm serious. I have yet to try a recipe but everyone is on my list to try! Spoon Fork Bacon had me at hello bacon.

Monday, September 26, 2011

B Covered

Lets admit, iphone and ipad cases are like a new handbag. You wear one long enough you get sick of it and need to swtich it up. Here are some tech things that are on my wish list as of late including a key chain with a hidden usb. Where was that when I was back in school?
1. In case Ace hotel iphone case
2. Ted Baker ipad case
3. Diane Von Furstenburg laptop case
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs USB key ring
5. Case mate mustache iphone case

Thursday, September 22, 2011

B Sketched: J Crew Spring 2012

If the J Crew spring collection wasn't enough, these sketches by Haines puts me in overdrive.
presentation photos via NYmag

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

B Pretty powerful: Bobbi Brown giveaway

It has been just in the last year I've become a self proclaimed beauty junkie and began taking care of my skin on a daily basis but my mother has been sharing secrets and wisdom about beauty for years. When Bobbi Brown asked me to share their pretty powerful campaign by talking about someone in my life I had to mention my own mother. After all it was her that took me to the Bobbi Brown at Nordstrom for the first time to get my make up done when it was time to advance from lip gloss. My mom didn't only pass down her beautiful skin to myself and two sisters but encourages us to stay fit and healthy everyday.

I don't say it enough to her but I'd like to just tell my mom thank you. Thank you for taking me shopping. Thank you for reminding me to wear sunscreen. Thank you for telling me that if I frown I'll get wrinkles. Thank you mom for making me feel pretty powerful!

Bobbi Brown is on a mission to find the next Pretty Powerful face. I encourage you all to submit your own video for the campaign or simply go over here and watch some of the contestants. As a thank you for our support Bobbi Brown is giving a make up gift bag to giveaway to one of my special readers!

Earn up to three entries!

Leave a comment mentioning which of the above you did (new comment for each task) and your e-mail address. I will choose a comment at random Wednesday September 28th and announce on Just B facebook page.

And the winner is....
Thank you to all who entered! Stay tuned for another giveaway soon.. this is now closed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

B Prepared: Rainy day street style

Just because you're caught in a downpour doesn't mean you can only wear your rain slicker and boots. Looking to these ladies for inspiration for our upcoming long and wet fall season.

Monday, September 19, 2011

B Spilled: What's in my gym bag

Getting to the gym can sometimes be an impossible task but I've learned that the more I'm prepared, the least amount excuses I have to leave early and call it a day.
The gym bag: There are qualities about gym bags you don't begin to appreciate until you're a regular attender. I quickly learned that having a bag with two different compartments is best to keep my sweaty gym clothes and shoes away from my fresh clothes. This Nike bag is a great size that is easy to carry with over the shoulder handles and a long strap for a crossbody. Comes in many colors but I prefered the classic black so that I don't grow bored.

Shoes: I have been a huge fan of Nike frees because of their lightweight and comfortability, not too mention the color choices. Though when looking for something for more support for training I went for the motion fit free from Nike that gives me everything I loved in a free but with more support. This color combination has turned more heads than anything in my closet. It's debatable they glow in the dark and regardless of how tired I feel I can't help but feel energized with these neon kicks.

Music: When was the last time you saw someone at the gym without headphones? When I get to listen to my music I tend to obsess less about my distance or time while doing cardio. I love using my ipod touch in the gym because I can still browse the internet from wifi but am not interrupted by texts or calls that could stray me from my workout.

Headband: Every girl with bangs knows the importance of a headband in her gym bag. I have tried many kinds but the best fit for my is my lululemon adjustable headband. Ladies, you know how hard it is to find a headband that stays on your head and won't cut off your blood circulation, here you go!

Tanktop: The importance of a great top that won't sweat through has more impact than just keeping you dry. I don't have to worry about sweat stains nor does the modern racer tank ride up while I'm doing my cardio. This top doesn't come in enough colors for how often I want to wear it!

Face: There's a saying around the gym that says "if you look pretty, you aren't doing it right." I go by this and typically look like a wet dog of each workout. I may not have the time to completely shower and re dress after a work out so I keep these neutrogena deep clean wipes in my bag to pick up dirt and oil built up from my workout to prevent breakouts. (I even take another and wipe down areas of my sports bra wear more sweat gathers.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

B Wants: Capes times three

Easily becoming my must have for fall. Each of these designers have redesigned the cape into a modern necessity. Think wool or plaid print brings back reminiscence of an older time but leather trim and decorative buttons bring the cape to the present. I need at least one or maybe I'll three in my closet.

Rachel Zoe similar// Kate Spade// J Crew

Thursday, September 15, 2011

B Dewy: Moisturizing makeup for fall

Going into fall I'm looking for dewy make up that makes me look fresh and hydrated in the cold just as it did in the sun.
1. MAC charged water: Meant as a primer before make up, spray this water on your face in the morning to feel awake and energized. It is meant to also leave a satin finish to your skin.
2. Nars Illuminator: Use on cheekbones, bridge of nose and forehead for a shine that will keep you looking bright all day.
3. Ellie Faas creamy eyeshadow: Use on crease or all over lid for a shadow that will stay but not look over done
4. Bite Beauty sheer balm: Bite Beauty products are incredibly moisturizing with antioxidants to give your lips all the nutrition you need. This sheer balm gives you shine with subtle color.
5. Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizing balm: If you're skin is really dry after summer use this moisturizing balm for little color and lots of moisture.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

B Cozy: Cashmere and lace

I was in awe when I saw this editorial of Reese Witherspoon for Marie Claire. So chic and gorgeous in the simplest of hair and layers of cashmere. This is how I prefer a night in and while those ugly sweats hidden in your closet are just as comfortable, playing dress up at home is just as fun.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

B Favored: Every day pilings

When you travel you find what exactly in your closet is making you sweat. You know, that item that you can't travel without or you may feel naked. I found what these items were for me in New York and even added some new additions like the La Mer neon orange wrap bracelet (found in a fabulous goodie bag) and the lovely wishbone necklace from bauble bar (another gift). One subtle and one screaming for attention but both can't leave my side!

Monday, September 12, 2011

B Finds: NYC Shopping haul

In between the Lucky blog conference, broadway shows and Fashion's Night Out I made some special time for shopping. Okay, I made a lot of time. I can't resist the walk down Madison Avenue window shopping then hitting 59th for my favorite department stores. It wasn't until I started compiling my items for this post that I realized my huge attraction to bright blue this moment. Maybe its the power of the color or my addiction to statement pieces for fall but this blue is flooding my fall wardrobe.
J Brand Colored twill: I loved the color of these bright blue skinnies that made an impact to be worn day or night. I wore them first for FNO then later with a loose top while shopping.

Tory Burch eddie leopard flats: Eyeing these for quite some time mainly because of the comfort factor but who can resist leopard footwear (told ya). They popped up on sale via last week so I grabbed them up. I believe I spied a pair still available on Nordstrom if you're fast...

Yumi Kim blouse: My last purchase from my trip is going to be a fall staple. Loose silk blouse perfect for tapered trousers or dark denim. The color was a magnet.

Les jeans de Chanel polish trio: Part of FNO exclusive polish still available on and well I'm just a sucker for their colors. Peter Phillips knows what's up.

French Connection dress: Snagged this pretty at bloomingdales and loved the fit. Thinking of it to be quite versatile with adding patterned tights, blazer, statement necklace, sparkling heels... it goes with everything!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

B Seen: NYFW Poppy Delevigne

Leopard is becoming a daily add on in my wardrobe. It is my new black that always needs a place to show itself. Here is Poppy Delevigne perfecting it in her own way. Only she can pull of leopard high tops with gold studs and make them look classic as a pair of pumps. She is my NYFW street style crush.

Images here and here

Friday, September 09, 2011

B Lucky: Wore and learned from FABB

Wednesday was such a great day at Lucky Magazine's FABB conference that I'm still replaying moments in my head and scrolling through photos. If you couldn't be there or was a good employee and didn't catch the live stream then here are some things I took away from FABB including what I wore.
  • "The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself" advice given by Diane Von Furstenberg
  • DVF has no conception on how anyone can be bored because she is so eager to learn. something to remember.
  • Editors require a point of view and a strong eye, successful bloggers have that quality, again by DVF
  • You learn most from your criticism. And seriously, Diane- when are you coming out with an advice book?
  • Be persistent, assume they aren't listening
  • Social media is commitment, not a game
  • Put blinders on and focus forward
  • Rachel Roy shared "make it be about following the quality of life."
All in all, if you want to find success in blogging or another career you need to be yourself and follow your passions. Feeling motivated to continue doing what I love.
Skirt: Club Monaco// Top: Club Monaco (similar) // Vest: Club Monaco (similar) // Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)// Boots: Corso Como (similar)

The weather gave an unexpected (or I was in denial) turn with wind and rain the day of FABB. Meaning I had to leave my gorgeous new Kate Spade orange suede wedges at home and slip on my boots I haven't worn since last fall. Secretly it was a great excuse to save my feet in flats and stay warm! The light layers of the vest and top were just enough to keep me comfortable while inside and of course I couldn't attend a blogger conference with a pile of bracelets including a watch that doesn't work (but its looks pretty).

On my wrist: Tory Burch// Kitson// Urban Outfitters// Vintage from my grandmother
On my nails: OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Essie Carry On

And a few pics from my iPhone...
Lucky FABB schedule// DVF// Sitting with Lauren of Everyday to Runway// Sketch of myself by Lauren Friedman

Thursday, September 08, 2011

B Linked: DIY Hair chain

My hair accessory collection is quickly growing this season with pieces that are anything but ordinary. Inspired by Kim Kardashian's hair chain seen worn many of times (google if you're confused) I decided to make my own instead of the $80 plunge. The jump rings I used were very easy to open by hand so no fancy jewelry pliers were even needed. There are so many choices on chain color and size today that you could follow my same steps and still create a completely new look.

By the way, I had an amazing time at the Lucky FABB conference yesterday. Too many thoughts and photos to sort through before I post so stay tuned.
DIRECTIONS: Trim chain into 6 one foot long pieces. Pair chairs together and connect to comb through jump rings. If hair is clean, tease where comb is placed, otherwise just insert and go!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

B Away from the desk

But don't worry, I have my iPad and iPhone in tow so I can live tweet all the juicy details for you! It was a rough start with a flight delay yesterday and maneuvering around my outfit options with the downpour in the East but I'm a giddy school girl this morning. I know I'm suppose to act sly and casual, you know this is an everyday thing but I can't! Diane Von Furstenberg, The Kardashians and Rebecca Minkoff are going to be just feet from me today. I suggest you turn your computer screen away from your boss and watch the live stream here or just keep checking my twitter and facebook because there will be a lot of good content coming!

P.S. You can now shop online on starting today! Just face it, none of us are getting away work done.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

B Wished: Some things for September

As September has begun and I'm off to New York today I can't help but create a small wish list for shopping. I already know I can't get enough of leopard footwear especially after spying those Kate Spade flats in the store last weekend and bringing the print upward with a pair of tortoise sunglasses. A pop of color shown in denim creates an outfit on its own but finding the perfect pair is challenging. I want the best pair that will be flattering as the eye will be drawn in one direction when other accessories are neutral to balance them out.
1. Coach willis bag
2. Deborah Lippmann brick house
3. Halogen retro inspired glasses
4. AG Stevie ankle
5. Top Shop velvet knot bandeau
6. Kate Spade eryn flat

Monday, September 05, 2011

B Treated: Something sweet

Over the weekend I made the mistake of baking a batch of snickerdoodles. The whole family has tried to avoid them all weekend but they are moist and give you a great taste of cinnamon sugar around the crust. I followed this recipe from on my favorite food blogs and definitely will mark this one for the next holiday where a bigger group is there to snack them all down before I stash them in the pantry.
I'm off to New York City tomorrow and am more than anxious for Lucky FABB along with seeing my favorite New Yorkers. Enjoy your holiday!

image source

Friday, September 02, 2011

B Details: This weekend's links

This weekend I plan to:
Finish this book I started a week ago
Try a new recipe from my new favorite food site
Replicate an outfit to pack for New York, preferably with pleats
Wear wallis on my nails
Work out hard trying new classes and wearing my favorite new gym shoes

Enjoy your holiday weekend!
images via pinterest

Thursday, September 01, 2011

B Intentional: How to mix metal jewelry

Remember those fashion "rules" that say you can't wear black with brown, no white after labor day or only skinny women can wear skinnies? I hate these. I know hate is a strong word but when someone tells me I can't especially when it comes to fashion, I want to do it more. In this case, mixing gold and silver jewelry. I am typically magnetized towards gold jewelry when planning an outfit but then I look at so many great silver pieces I have from my grandmother or from Tiffany's that I received as gifts and I want to be able to pair them together.

I myself have found a few rules to break this "fashion rule" and left me wearing all my favorite and some new pieces.

More the merrier
When mixing silver and gold there is no maximum number of pieces you can wear on your wrist or neck. Mixing your metals might be better when you have odd numbers of each silver or gold layering on your neck or wrist. Best thing about jewelry is that it always comes off so experiment and pile them on!

Pre-mixed jewelry
I recently was gifted these pieces from Jewelmint that I found were perfect for when I want to mix metals. The quality of the pieces at the low price available through Jewelmint I was surprised and loved how well they mixed in with other higher end pieces I own. The neo bedrock duo is a ring set of both a gold and silver ring. I wore these rings on different occasions alone or stacked together to make a big impact! Another piece great to start your layering and metal mixing is the serpentine necklace. Two chain necklaces in silver and gold perfectly layered for you to wear. Both these pieces are a way to get the look fast without trying!

B intentional
When trying any new trend the best thing you can do is have confidence! When metals are bold and statements and contrast it will be clear that you were intentional in your mixing. Simple as that ladies!
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