Wednesday, June 11, 2014

B Polished: From Winter to Summer nails

If you wear the same nail color all year round then I'm sorry to tell you but you're in a nail polish rut. Summer is the perfect time to step away from that year round neutral and try something new! You might surprise yourself and find a new favorite color.
If you wear grays in the winter, try a minty fresh polish like this one from Butter London! The pastel is still muted but the mint color gives you a new look.

Red is not always a subtle choice in the winter and making the change to orange and coral shouldn't be too difficult for you. I love this orange from Essie plus don't forget about Tart Deco, a long time orange favorite!

I'm going out on a whim that those who go with dark tones through the winter are ready for something bold. Enter, Jewel Tones and basically the complete new Deborah Lippmann collection. If you wear just one of these for a week over the Summer that's success.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

B Smooth: Somersets Shaving Oil

Half the time when I decide to wear a skirt or anything that shows my legs, it's a last minute decision like most outfit changes. When it comes to shaving products I'm looking for time savers and moisture to avoid drying out my skin.  Somersets English Shaving Oil's gentle formula gives enough moisture that I can skip post-shave lotion application when I'm out of the shower. This little bottles goes a long way which has saved me money on buying expensive bottles of shaving cream that I always over apply. That's why this little beauty buy is one I'll have in my bathroom all Summer long.

Monday, June 02, 2014

B Recapped: Start of Seattle Summa

Whole fruit margaritas | I'm typically not a blended margarita girl but when you add in fresh fruit it's the way to go! This recipe is one of the top reasons I'm begging for a Vitamix in my kitchen.

Caprese | In a brief stint of removing dairy from my diet, i forgot how amazing fresh mozzarella is in a caprese. This salad will easily be on repeat this Summer with the easy prep and beautiful presentation.

Hot Chocolate | Enjoying an early breakfast at The Commons in Woodinville this weekend was my excuse for a sweet treat. I wouldn't say I'm a hot chocolate connoisseur but this one with Theo Chocolate is one to try the next time you want to indulge before 9AM.

Grilling | When you can grill outside without getting damp, that's when it's really Summer in Seattle. I'm already planning on what to barbecue the rest of the week. Any ideas?

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