Thursday, September 05, 2013

B Ready: Fashion week season

Today marks the beginning of the season. Which coincidentally spurs blog post on blog posts of our favorite looks pulled from It's easy to take the mental break and just upload runway photos but it also reflects a loss of creativity. Rather than blogging what you may have already seen, you can peek at what I'm pinning on my Spring 2014 Runway pin board. I can't make promises that Spring 2014 won't show up in the blog, but if it does, the exciting part is that I was inspired.  So with another fashion season upon us, take notes and define your agenda. Let the shows inspire and push you to deliver this content in a creative way. Your audience will thank you and I'll applaud you.

Smythson Runway Textured-leather notebook

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

B Recapped: Labor Day weekend

Starting a weekend with plans after plans never works well with me. For Labor Day, I made no construct plans and just with the plan of spontaneity. The plan resulted in some sight seeing, new restaurant discovery and returning to a favorite neighborhood spot for a Labor Day margarita with my sister. 

Walking around the market on a Saturday is busy but the bedside sunflowers and fresh mussels were all worth it. Mussels are one of my favorite meals and super easy to steam, catch a glimpse of my cooking process in my vine here.
Ray's Boathouse is the place that apparently every Seattlite has been to except for me and now i'm obsessed. With an amazing bar view of Shilshole Bay in Ballard it was perfect place to enjoy one of our last warm Summer nights. 

Just a short distance from my apartment, Little Water Cantina completes my fix for a good margarita and guacamole any day. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

B Relaxed: Taking a staycation

Labor Day might be your last chance for a Summer weekend but I happen to see it as another opportunity for a staycation. The best part of vacations is unplugging from the world and the perfectly tucked in hotel beds accompanied by a white spa robe. Whatever your reason is for staying home this weekend, no one can blame you when you say you're having a staycation. 
1. Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bath Caddy: I don't know why I don't have this in my own bath tub yet. There's even a spot for a glass of wine!
2. Spa Terry Knit Robe: It's the cozy terry cloth robe that we all are tempted to steal from the hotel.
3. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook: On vacation, calories don't count. Same goes for staycations and what better way to spend it than to perfect your favorite comfort food.
4. Ooh la la rose wine: It's just pretty.
5. Aromafloria Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath: No stress is allowed on a staycation.
6. Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing MaskStrawberry Tonic Mask: Mario Badescu carries some of my favorite masks. These are both moisturizing masks that help refresh and repair tired skin.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

B Wants: Colorblock Hunter rainboots

Whether its officially rain boot weather is up to Seattle right now. After a gorgeous summer we got a first glimpse this week about what's to come. Annoyingly to all around me, the rain smell made me giggly for Fall and alerted me to do a quick inventory of my shoe closet.

Only two pairs of rain boots stand on the floor of my closet. Considering Hunters are to Seattle as Havaianas are to Hawaii. A wardrobe classic that is always allowed to be multiplied. I love the new original colorblock rendition that gives you the subtly of a black base but tops with a punch of color. Now, which one do I choose?

Monday, August 26, 2013

B Tinted: DIY Eyelash tinting

Through my experience of eyelash extensions I've grown a strong hatred for mascara. I haven't completey discareded its use but I never look forward to the rough process it is to remove at the end of the day. Rubbing a cotton ball full of makeup remover can be harsh on my lashes so finding an alternative solution for my bottom lashes turned me to eyelash tinting.

It's a simple dye job for your lashes that lasts nearly a month saving you from the woes of mascara. Though at nearly $30 per application it could get costly. If you want another budget alternative and have a steady hand with a mascara wand then DIY eyelash tinting is for you. It's a simple two step process of nearly identical to coating your lashes with two coats of mascara.

STEP ONE: Coat disposable mascara wand with solution #1. Apply to lashes.
STEP TWO: Coat disposable mascara wand with solution #2. Apply to lashes.
STEP THREE: Let lashes dry. TIP: Allow a couple hours for solutions to dry before falling asleep. Any extra dye or solution on skin will dye it.

The color on your lashes will last for almost 3 weeks depending. With enough solution for multiple applications 28 Day Mascara pays for itself over multiple salon visits.

Monday, June 10, 2013

B Destroyed: Summer denim

When Summer rolls around, I let my hair down and my outfits follow suit. I tend to dress very classic and simple so a distressed denim with a tailored silk blouse balances my outfit to appear effortlessly chic. In the Summer, you don't want to over think your look and keep pieces simple and loose. I have yet to own a denim vest but see this distressed one pairing perfectly with the multiple floral dresses in my closet!
White // Shorts // Brights // Vest

Friday, June 07, 2013

B DIY: Balloon birthday invitations

Being an aunt is the best thing in the world. Any night of the week you can offer to babysit which in result both baby and parents think you're a hero. Baby gets someone new to play with them all night long and parents get time to themselves. And, when the time comes you get to lend your crafty hand to some birthday party planning. 

Along with my sister we got creative, made an assembly line and put together the perfect invitation and set the standards high for Mason's birthdays to come. 

I  designed a 5x7 card which included the phrase "Inflate Me!" to hold the cards in place.
Punching two holes in the middle of the 5x7 card and weaving through yarn to hold the balloon in place.
Embossed envelopes to create a finished border for mailing addresses.

TIP: Before heating emboss powder, use Q-Tip to wide away excess to create clean lines

Heat with embossing tool and set aside to cool.
Finished product, ready to assemble!
And when the invite made it to the recipient, all that was left was to blow up the balloon...
I designed the graphic on Illustrator then ordered printed balloons from!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

B Printed: Graphic shorts

Looking at my wardrobe as I finally unpacked for Summer season I noticed that I have all the basics down. Jean, black, seersucker all were accounted for but graphics shorts were missing. I have my eye peeled for shorts that are tailored and well fit but with a printed punch. Only thing left to do is to throw on sandals, basic tee or button down and go. My kind of Summer dressing.
1. Aritzia Lauderdale Shorts
2. Madewell Tailored Shorts in Modflower
3. J Crew Tiki Short
4. Kate Spade Saturday Utility Short
5. Tory Burch Gabriel Short
6. Madewell Tailored Shorts in Garden Vine

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
2. Bauble Bar Sun Dipped Collar
3. Loeffler Randall Simona Mirror Band Sandals
4. Perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

B Proud: Seattle is my city

Since I was 6 years old I've told people that I'm from Seattle. At the time it only meant that I lived here because that's where my parents took us. I made my first choice to leave 8 years ago and with only being back for the last 6 months, I've quickly learned that it is the perfect place for me to be.

I've returned home in a time where I love who I am, I love to love and I love to share positivity. It's easy to be pessimistic in a city where it's known more for it's rainy days over the sunny ones. But something about my city makes me giddy over the grey skies just as much as the clear ones when the mountains are in view past the city buildings. Home has meant many different things to me in the past years but in this moment it means to choose happiness and that happens to pair perfectly with Seattle.

This tee gifted by The Home T. Part of the proceeds go to support multiple sclerosis research.

Monday, April 15, 2013

B Patient: Housewarming touches

When you move into a new place you're distracted by all the glitz and glamour of decorating that you forget that you have to first buy important stuff such as foil, paper towels, a kitchen trash can and a can opener. These are things that are rarely blogged about because they aren't fun purchases. I'm finally getting passed the necessities and working on the small details of my apartment. 

When attending a housewarming or just sending a nice gift to a friend with a new place you have to respect that they will be spending majority of the time creating mood boards and working on big details of decorating their space. That's why you should respect their decor and not gift items that would demand attention or space in their new home but be useful and share a story through a detail. Small items such as coasters or a mini vase are small enough for them to stow away while a home fragrance can be hidden away while still being useful.

one // two // three // four // five

Also, while I'm in cleaning and decorating mode I have begun purging my closet. I have already listed a few items on Poshmark (including a new pair of Warby Parkers). Keep this bookmarked if you don't see anything now, there is plenty to uploaded and sold.

Monday, April 08, 2013

B Stirred: Modern mad

Finally, the last season of Mad Men has begun. Last night's episode filled my need for sixties fashion (courtesy of Megan Draper) and sparked the craving for a dirty martini. It's amazing the media's influence on fashion and Mad Men did the world a favor highlighting the time. Any item that was created in the last year but could've lived in the Draper household is a necessity. 

one // two // three // four // five // six

If you aren't a Mad Men super fan you might have missed the brilliant articles gearing you up for the premiere. Here are a few of my favorites:

Friday, April 05, 2013

B Printed: DIY Block printed tote bag

There are few things I will cancel scheduled plans for and craft night at West Elm is one of them. As an avid DIYer from an early age I've been to craft camps in a variety of locations. Anywhere from parks to that awkward employee break room that resembles a sterile hospital so planting for a block printing lesson in the middle of a West Elm store was welcomed with open arms and served as the best kind of creative fuel.

Block printing has the ability to sound intimidating but was simple and achievable with the direction of Phoebe from El Sage Designs. A small group of us sat in the middle of West Elm we were provided a block print kit providing all the tools to create a one of a kind project.

When brainstorming pattern ideas it was shared that geometric shapes work best. My inspiration was classic herringbone pattern and all intentions to make it look perfect. It took me less than a few minutes to drop my flat edge and give up on receiving straight lines. Soon I learned that fine lines and carving accidents made the best prints.

  • Linoleum (the material used to carve out your design, rubber like substance)
  • Plastic linoleum cutter (comes with multiple sizes to work on large pieces to small detail)
  • Paint with foam brush (foam brush is Phoebe's pro tip for printing on fabric)
  • Tote bag (or other desired material to print)
  • pencil and paper 
Things I would do differently:
  • Print another row to make the design a bit more uneven. Looking back at it it appears to be a tire track rather than the herringbone design I desired.
  • Carve smaller imperfect detail into my linoleum. The beauty of block printing is that each block is unique and sometimes the imperfect cuts are waht creates texture and interest to your print!
  • Print on a different medium: I plan on doing this! I'm going to use my block print to create a large piece of artwork for my new apartment. Stay tuned.

This night was exactly what I needed to spark inspiration for my new place. And of course, if you don't consider yourself a craft enthusiast then feel free to shop West Elm's hand-block print collection (paint and tool kit free!).

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

B Ready: Post-workout necessities

Making time for a workout takes a lot of planning and determination which is why there are some things that I like to keep simple such as my post-workout beauty routine. I am most likely running straight home after a Flywheel class but I've learned the hard way to pay attention to my skin immediately after a workout to keep it in top shape.
Dermalogica clearing mattifier: It does what it says, clearing mattifier keeps my oiliest areas clear of breakouts. While your skin might not be naturally oilily, working out makes you sweat which opens up your pores to trap oil and dirt. I apply the clearing mattifier day/night and immediately post-workout to control shine and minimize the appearance of pores.

Neutrogena Oil-Free cleansing wipes: Everyone should have a pack of these in their gym bag. If you don't shower immediately at the gym cleansing wipes are a perfect solution to clear skin of oil and dirt build up! Plus the grapefruit makes you smell nice...

evian Facial Water Spray: When I walk out of a spin class, I am hot and sweaty and the last thing I want to do is lather on a heavy moisturizer.  This water spray is packed with minerals that keeps my skin moisturized and provides a bonus cool down. Win win.

Deodorant: When it comes to deodorant, use the kind that works best for you but I advise to splurge for the two-pack. I've kept it a habit to always have one in my gym bag in addition to my bathroom that way it's always handy.

Kate Spade Small Henrietta: The perfect case to keep all my post-workout beauty needs in one place. I'm constantly switching between gym bags so this helps me keep all the above items organized and in place.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B Decorating: A blank canvas

Finally after a few quick short moves I've signed a lease for an apartment I can call mine. This is the beginning of the "finally, I really live in Seattle" process. My new place is in the perfect area I was looking for though on the small size. Some would freak out at the 400 square feet limitations but I'm looking forward to settling in my new home.

A small space is very personal so I'm choosing my items carefully ensuring I'll love being home. This article from Apartment Therapy gave me great ideas on what is necessary to splurge on (like good bath towels) to feel luxurious in my small space. Don't think this will be the last you'll hear from me when it comes to home decor. I've been dreaming of floor plans all week. What do you splurge on to make yourself feel home?
Monochromatic color scheme keeps the room feeling bigger.

Furniture strategically configured creates two spaces in one.

Every item has a personality and story.

Monday, March 18, 2013

B Outfitted: Wine tasting

It wasn't even on my list of pros to moving back to Seattle but wine tasting has become a large occupier of my time lately. If you don't study the labels while browsing the wine aisle you're probably surprised to hear that Washington has a large wine country. I love living in Seattle because it's a city that is so accessible to the suburbs where the Washington winemakers host most of their tasting rooms. Grab one or a group and it's instantly the best way to spend your Saturday.

We're having up and downs when it comes to weather lately but once that Summer sun comes out, you'll know this outfit will be in my weekend rotation. And lets not forget the phone charger, it will be needed after your multiple check ins and Instagram uploads.
ONE: Madewell threadlines dress
TWO: Fossil 'Austin-small' crossbody bag
THREE: Soludos Miro Flats Espadrilles
FOUR: Printed backup battery for iPhone
FIVE: Talula Harlem Jacket
SIX: J Crew Multistripe scarf

Thursday, March 07, 2013

B Chosen: Pastels or neon?

I'm having an internal dilemma with choosing between pastels and brights. This came to my attention when I had to decide between a mint green or neon yellow leather satchel at Gap the other day. Ultimately I went after the mint because it was my instinct. A wise friend told me the other day "pastel is the new neon" but dont' worry, I don't think we need to choose between one or the other anytime soon. Do we?


Friday, March 01, 2013

B Favors

ONE | Jennifer Lawrence Gif- She's been trending since the Oscars and the more of her interviews I watch, the more I love her.

TWO | Two tone watch- On my shopping list is a black watch and a rose gold watch. Love the combination of the two with a square face!

THREE | Justin Timberlake- If you do one thing today, listen to the new song Mirrors. It's been on repeat all day every day this week. Can't wait till the concert in July!

FOUR | Mini studs- A recent purchase of mine and rare sighting for me to not wear large blingy studs. I love the delicate look of these and bonus, they're workout appropriate!

FIVE | Spring nails- These nails have been on my DIY to-do list for the week. Who will beat me to it?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

B Inspired: Funny Face loafers

When I'm not feeling well and Audrey Hepburn is my go-to. While fighting a cold ti was recently Funny Face that turned my day around and sparked my need for a new pair of loafers. I have studded and leopard but I'm feeling like one more to add is necessary.
From left to right: Darby Suede Loafers // Studded Loafers // Ivanka Trump 'Sasha' Loafer // BP Milten Loafer

Monday, February 25, 2013

B Craving: Orange accents

I was a bit disappointed in Oscar fashion last night. I was hoping for some bright pops of colors but muted colors seemed to be the trend. Around my birthday in January I saw myself wanting everything with orange. Bright and bold enough to make a splash but not as expected as pink. What color are you craving?
1. J Crew beaded rose necklace
2. MM6 Maison Martin Margiela two tone wedge sandal
3. T. Babaton Bradley pant
4. Bliss blood orange + white pepper sugar scrub
5. Madewell polka dot scarf

Friday, February 22, 2013

B Favors

Is it just me or did this week go by fast? I'm in Portland for the day for quick work trip and strategically planning how I can sneak in tax free shopping. If I can't make it there are always these treats that cheered me up this week and have an underlining "I want Spring" theme if you can't tell.
ONE // Neon heels from Prabal Gurung for Target are asking for us to go boot free soon.

TWO // Tan towels have become by go-to for quick color during the week. For the winter, I keep to the half towels as there isn't too much leg being shown.

THREE // Homemade girl scout cookies are on my baking list this weekend. I've been craving a box but haven't been able to track down those girls yet and this recipe looks like the next best thing.

FOUR // Statement studs are the new statement necklace. J crew and Bauble Bar have great choices that will be hanging from my ear lobes any day now.

FIVE // Laptop sleeve is simple and chic for working on the go. In and out of different bags, this Kate Spade sleeve protects my Macbook air without adding bulk!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

B Wanted: Leather tote

We've seen them anywhere and everywhere. Different versions of a coveted celine leather tote yet I  haven't come across one that made me squeal. This mint leather tote comes real close and just jumped to the front of my "must have" line. It's only $120 and from Gap, yes Gap! I'll see you this weekend pretty.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

B Served: Tea for B

It's been 12 days since I've had coffee. 18 if you don't count the decaf cappuccino I couldn't say no to. I have no decided factor on the health benefits for either or but somehow I'm on a tea kick. Maybe it's the cute electric water kettle on my kitchen counter or the realization that there's hundreds of flavors. With any newest addiction I am sure enjoying all the cute accessories. What's your favorite tea to drink?
one // Tea mug with infuser
two // twisting tea ball
three // honey dipper
four // blue hill honey
five // krups silver art kettle
six // fortnum & mason classic teas

P.S. I'm guest blogging for Cassandra of Coco + Kelley today. Go here to see my latest dream vacation!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

B Staple: Neutral wedge

It's no where near spring in Seattle. But retailers are saying differently so I've found myself starting to build my Spring wardrobe for that small chance of a day over 70. I've loved that the neutral has still involved metallic but not over bearing the whole shoe. These are three shoes I'll have a hard time deciding between.
1. Cole Haan 2. Rebecca Minkoff 3. Diane Von Furstenberg

Friday, February 15, 2013

B Favors

Another week, another list of favorites.
ONE | SUPERFEET: Introducing the best thing to happen to your feet since heated slippers. I've been known to wear the wrong shoes all sorts of places. These insoles work in the smallest of flats, with only taking up half of your shoe they will fit all sizes and give you support! Sold at Nordstrom or online.

TWO | JEWELRY UNDER $10: I go through most jewelry like I do with shampoo. Wear it out then it's time to switch it up to something different. I've been impressed with the collections I've found via Asos, Forever 21 and, all places I go for best priced jewels!

THREE | WORKOUT HEADGEAR: Admittedly, I get sweaty during my workouts. Esspecially during a tough spin class and rarely have the time to fix my hair mid uphill push. The Lululemon Bang Buster headband is the best to keep sweat out of my face while staying snug on my head without being too tight.

FOUR | DESTROYED DENIM: My latest denim go-to. Pair with preppy sweater and formal shoes it's effortless.

FIVE | RUBBER STAMPS: Here's something new about me: I collected rubber stamps as a child. I was a craft freak (now you get why I love DIYs) and begged my parents to buy me a new stamp every trip to the craft store. I love these custom monogram stamps from Ampersandity on Etsy. Ordering these ASAP.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

B in love

Happy Valentine's Day!
Last year though I was in a relationship I spent my Valentine's evening in a kettlebell kickboxing class. I'm sticking with my theme and enjoying a night at Flybarre! I wonder how long I'll keep up this unexpected tradition. Tell me your Valentine's Day plans, single or taken. Regardless, hope you're loving your day! xo -B

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B Mine: Gifts for yourself

"Don't forget! Valentines Day is just a day away!" A sign I saw recently saw in a store reminding me of February 14th. As if we could forget between all the pink ribbon and heart shaped chocolates that Valentines Day is tomorrow. It's expected for us single girls to be bitter and hate the day with a large bottle of wine. I hate to disappoint but I love a holiday that reminds to love.

There are a lot of things I've loved in my life and much more I'll continue to learn to love. Whether your single, dating or found the one you're to be with take tomorrow to enjoy loving the life you're living. And splurging on a gift for yourself isn't a bad idea either (next day shipping?)
1. Catbird First knuckle hammered gold ring
2. Hot Cakes chocolate molten cake take and bake
3. C. Wonder heart pillow
4. Kate Spade heart stud earrings
5. Aerin round match striker
6. Tory Burch Robinson satchel

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

B Bold: Yellow collar necklace

The time of the statement necklace is no where near behind us. With Spring still too far to reach I'm intrigued to add my own brights and sunshine. It's simple way to update my dark fall clothes that are still in rotation and give my dresser a bit more decor!

Sass & Bide Photo credit // Asos opaque stone necklace, Asos premium jeweled bib. Topshop neon stone collar, Limited Edition scallop necklace

Monday, February 11, 2013

B Revealed: Weekend recap

The weekend for me was a relaxing one filled with activities. Though it wasn't technically the weekend I went to Vancouver BC for a spontaneous work trip. It's been years since I've taken my last road trip up North and was pleasantly reminded of the gorgeous city. Behind the clouds in my picture and huge mountains just moments away from the city. Vancouver BC has been said to be known for their Chinese food and I got a plate full with colleagues at Lin's.
Then after returning home I had a perfectly fill weekend with getting back to the cycling studio. And while getting in some exercise on the weekend only means you can fit in some time for wine tasting in Woodinville. The weekend was perfectly finished with a sunny day that makes all the rainy day ones worth it. I love my city and so happy to be home.

BONUS: In the process of making chocolate chip cookies I discovered I had no eggs. I improvised with milk and behold, I had moist cookies I'm always looking for! Not too mention cookie dough safe to eat. It was a happy accident.

Friday, February 08, 2013

B Quoted

And who's counting? No one. Enjoy your weekend! I'm just returning to Seattle after a quick work trip in Vancouver BC (forgot how pretty this city is). Till then, find something that makes you happy this weekend! I'll be settling into my new place and wine tasting with my favorites. What are your plans?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

B Supplied

Remember preparing for the first day of school? I'd wait in anticipation to receive my class letter withholding my school shopping list! I think that's the one thing I miss about school. I have a geek fascination with finding great pens and love freshly stacked pieces of paper.  But I'm soon learning that as you get older the treats bet better in the real world and while I've simply just added a desktop calendar and new notepad to my desk, I wouldn't mind a brand new set of Pentel markers!

1. 2013 Paper Source Foil Embossed Desktop Calendar 2. Sharpie metallic three pack 3. Lexon bamboo calculator 4. Acrylic clipboard 5. Peel & Stick Weekly Calendar Pad 6. Kate Spade New York 'out of office' ipad case 7. Frends headphones Taylor Gold 8. Kate Spade New York bow terrace darla

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

B Tiny: Mini essentials

In many of the last seasons over sized jewelry, over sized bags and really anything over sized was what we wanted. And I liked it all including my over sized menswear Michael Kors watch but after a few days wearing a new mini Marc by Marc Jacobs my wrist feels like a whole new person! Got me to thinking that maybe I can start balancing my over sized favorites with a few minis too.
one: Sulta 'The Midnight' Travel Dryer
two: Marc by Marc Jacobs henry Dinky Watch
three: Tory Burch Robinson tiny jewelry case
four: Volupsa Japonica Mini Candle
five: Apple iPad mini
six: Coach leather crossbody bag

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

B Cleansed: How to detox your beauty routine

Today I start a juice cleanse. I know, I know "I'm crazy". But before you make any quick judgements let me tell you its only for three days. That should be cake, right? Meanwhile I'm detoxing my whole body I thought about what it takes to detox my beauty routine. It's these simple steps that make your regular routine work deeper and better throughout the month!

Drink water: We hear this over and over but this really is the easiest solution! I've started to aim to drink a gallon a day. It's a lofty goal but my body still feels great if I miss by a glass or two. Starting with this will help with so much more than just your skin but a glowing hydrated face is a major plus!

Check expiration dates: Do you know our beauty products expire? I forget all the time. Try to go through your products quarterly and throw any that have been around too long. Below is a break down is what should be tossed after a certain time frame. Don't know when you purchased something? Better safe than sorry, toss it.

Two years:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Blush
  • Moisturizer

One year:

  • Lipstick
  • Pencils

6 Months:

  • Mascara
  • Eye cream
Next time you purchase a new product, write the expiration date large and clear with a sharpie so that you don't forget!

Remove build-up: Products are great but sometimes you need a good deep cleaning for them to work again. For my hair, I use Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. This will strip your hair gently of shampoo and product build up. To ensure I don't dehydrate my hair with over cleaning, I'll use a deep conditioning formula on my ends right after.

See a professional: Face it (no pun intended). No one can get you as cleansed and detoxed as a professional esthetician. There are plenty of at-home extraction DIY videos but there are also a lot of risks to scarring your face further if done wrong. Extraction removes built up oil and dirt from hard to reach places! On a budget? Many salons now offer just extraction for under $20 and after all that's the hard part! To keep up with my clean pores post-facial, I use a at-home facial steamer to open my pores so product gets to work deep.

Monday, February 04, 2013

B Snacked: Rosemary pretzel bites and cheese dip

I love when I have no intention on blogging a subject but then my Instagram blows up with requests. Being the people pleaser I am (you're welcome) I will share the crowd pleasing recipe I have loved to dish out. Rosemary pretzel bites with cheese dip! Yep, how can that go wrong.

I first made this recipe a couple months back around Christmas. The pretzel bites turned out perfect but the cheese dip was awful. Here are a few things I learned and adapted from this recipe:
  • Instead of making traditional pretzels, roll doll dough out and cut into 1-1 1/2 inch bites
  • Let the cheese dip take adequate time to thicken up after adding milk (I rushed this in my first try).
  • Salt and pepper are crucial. Season your cheese dip well but don't forget you have sea salt on the pretzels!

Overall, I have loved making this recipe. There are many little steps but simple in process and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I'm hoping to expand on my dips for the next Sunday gathering... how good does Jalapeno cheese dip sound? Yep, I'll blog it after.

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