Thursday, September 30, 2010

B Casual: Sequins during the day

What girl doesn't love sequins. It's partly why we love New Years Eve not because of the stress of finding someone to kiss at midnight but the excuse to wear an overload of sequins. I found myself shopping yesterday and pulling everything in the sequin nature. I've been inspired to not wait for the holidays to wear these treasures and create them into a casual look.

Image via Something Navy
Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere
J.Crew has styled this look to perfection. With a sequin skirt adding an ultra casual top is key such as a t-shirt as shown above or a button down. Rough it up with your accessories to play down the sparkles with rough leather bracelets and belts. I'm anxious to try this look with opaque tights, boots and even a hoodie. Plenty of time to wear all my sequins without waiting until New Years!

Image via J.Crew

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

B Hunted: Shorts for fall

I've been desperately waiting for Fall to come so that I can bring out my sweaters and boots but I'm really wanting to take my shorts and wear them for Fall. Just because they are typically a summer trend it is the most wanted for fall. Leopard, leather or wool shorts are a new fall classic.

3.1 Phillip Lim image via
Image via The Satorialist
Image via Stockholm Streetstyle

Image via Stockholm Streetstyle

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

B Productive: Home office greeds

It has been three days I have been in Seattle thus far and yesterday was my first time working away from my home office. Also known as my living room floor as seen here. I have started mentaling making up a wish list for the ultimate home office that holds the necessities to get through the daily work routine.

Apple LED Cinema display. My macbook and I go way back but this would make my life (and eyes) so much easier.

Organized bookshelves. Notice I didn't just put bookshelf. I want clean, stream lined bookshelves that look pretty and can be used as art. While holding all my favorite books.
Image via Remodelista
 Nespresso single serve espresso and foam machine. I love Starbucks. I love independent coffee shops. But if I could get my latte before brushing my hair it'd be a miracle.

A sturdy desk. For as long as I remember I have done work at a desk. I always just used it for crafts or a junk holder. So I sold it. Less than a year later, I started blogging. Now, I could use a desk for when I'm over my living room floor.
Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Monday, September 27, 2010

B Happy: 25th Birthday for Elle Magazine

On my way to Seattle I did what any other girl would do. Stock up on magazines. I was waiting to board my flight and regardless of my already weight heavy bag I just couldn't help but add more. I picked up the new issue of Elle out for October where it is there 25th Anniversary Issue. In Robbie Myers' editor letter it was her first sentence that stuck out to me throughout the whole issue that included a spread of 25 pretty young stars making an impact.

"Of all the great cities in the world, New York is still the one that holds the biggest glittery, giddy promise of promise-the idea that if you have something to say, do be, create, try, or conquer, you can do it here, that the romance of the self can actually be fulfilled." -Roberta Myers

Do you agree with her words?

Friday, September 24, 2010

B Daily: Limited Editon Chanel polish days of the week

Since my trip to New York my most frequent question received is "So, what did you buy?". And my favorite answer is Chanel nail polishes. Don't know how this addiction developed but I know why it doesn't stop. Nail polishes are in plenty and always so many colors to choose from but if you want to know what this season's top color is? You can never go wrong when following Chanel.

The release of the Les Khakis De Chanel polish trio was in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, the same night where Chanel celebrated their Soho store re-opening with what else than two more limited edition polishes. With so many events within SoHo shuffling to and from I didn't have the patience to wait in the line for Chanel (blasphemy I know). But oh the power of online shopping. With a few clicks and impatient page loading 5 polishes were purchased. Yep, my big New York City purchase was online and the waiting began. Ten days later they finally arrived.

While I can't choose just one to share I thought a Chanel days of the week would be appropriate. A new polish Monday through Friday. Wish we had that days of the week collection in elementary school.

B Fortunate: Taking a trip

As of tomorrow I'll be blogging from Seattle for a week. I am most looking forward to some great time with family and friends. The people who lift you up the highest and always proud of your accomplishments. Though along with great friends and family I really can't wait to pack those scarves and dust off my boots to frolick around the city in. I've been making a mental list of all I want to do while home so here's a brief glimpse into my thoughts:

-Find these leather shorts at Nordstrom
-Wear tights
-Find a photo booth
-Watch The Gronlund wedding video (you saw a glimpse last weekend)
-Get a mani/pedi
-Eat here, and here, oh and here!

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

B Mobile: A blogger's world changes daily

Lately I have found myself in the oddest places of my house blogging. Sometimes its on the couch, in bed, downstairs and yesterday it was the living room floor. With inspiration spread around me I found some other inspiring places other bloggers like to blog.

I must meet the owner of this office.

And wherever my next office will be, one may need this poster on the wall.
All images via We Heart It

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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