Thursday, April 08, 2010

B Impulsive

We all have experienced impulse shopping. It is why stores have all the trinkets in the cashier waiting line. It's the last minute thoughts that you see, love, must have. I just experienced this in record time via twitter. Thank's to DVF's quick tweet of the introduction of their iPhone cover, I saw, I purchased in less than 3 minutes flat.

I recently have had an incident with my iPhone front screen shattering and every comment I receive is "you should have a case on it". Well personally while its not always practical, I am more about aesthetic than function and thanks to DVF I can have both!

The case was created to promote DVF's newest iPhone application where you can find runway updates, DVF video, shop finder (HELLO! best feature when in a new city), exclusive products and music. Successful companies have caught on that this is a great new way to connect to their consumer and just gives me another excuse to love my iPhone.

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