Thursday, August 29, 2013

B Relaxed: Taking a staycation

Labor Day might be your last chance for a Summer weekend but I happen to see it as another opportunity for a staycation. The best part of vacations is unplugging from the world and the perfectly tucked in hotel beds accompanied by a white spa robe. Whatever your reason is for staying home this weekend, no one can blame you when you say you're having a staycation. 
1. Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bath Caddy: I don't know why I don't have this in my own bath tub yet. There's even a spot for a glass of wine!
2. Spa Terry Knit Robe: It's the cozy terry cloth robe that we all are tempted to steal from the hotel.
3. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook: On vacation, calories don't count. Same goes for staycations and what better way to spend it than to perfect your favorite comfort food.
4. Ooh la la rose wine: It's just pretty.
5. Aromafloria Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath: No stress is allowed on a staycation.
6. Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing MaskStrawberry Tonic Mask: Mario Badescu carries some of my favorite masks. These are both moisturizing masks that help refresh and repair tired skin.


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making want a staycation

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