Thursday, September 05, 2013

B Ready: Fashion week season

Today marks the beginning of the season. Which coincidentally spurs blog post on blog posts of our favorite looks pulled from It's easy to take the mental break and just upload runway photos but it also reflects a loss of creativity. Rather than blogging what you may have already seen, you can peek at what I'm pinning on my Spring 2014 Runway pin board. I can't make promises that Spring 2014 won't show up in the blog, but if it does, the exciting part is that I was inspired.  So with another fashion season upon us, take notes and define your agenda. Let the shows inspire and push you to deliver this content in a creative way. Your audience will thank you and I'll applaud you.

Smythson Runway Textured-leather notebook


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more with just simply pulling pictures off of I'm sick of seeing it in every blog! Creativity is key! That's why I love your blog!


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