Monday, March 01, 2010

B Judging

Don't judge a book by its cover.

A quote we have all heard time and time again. But I have to admit, I do judge. When I browse borders I do wait to see what catches my eye. There is a reason why publishing sets asides a budget for book cover shoots. We're all about appeal and of course my favorite part of this appeal is the ones that have two handles on one side and come with something new inside! A shopping bag of course!

Not that I'm an expert but I have one theory about retailing, its all about the bag. Can you imagine walking into a Neiman Marcus and coming out with a plastic bag stamped with thank you three times? Exactly. There's something to say about a well made bag or gift wrap. It is a catch to persuade you and promote their brand imagine and I think its brilliant! I realized that I was a victim of this marketing strategy when I realize I have about a dozen robin egg blue boxes around my room. Every girl wants a gift in blue box with white ribbon oh and with the name Tiffany & Co. on it.

I grew up in the packaging/boxes world so maybe this is why I love shopping bags (my dad will get a kick out of that one) but I do have quite the pile up in my closet. But only of the good ones, I keep them so that I can reuse them if needed or they just look pretty! Some of my favorite packaging just happen to coincide with my favorite retailers. Tory Burch had the most amazing gift boxes I noticed this last Christmas when shopping for my mom. Honestly I wanted to give her the presents in hallmark gift bag and keep the boxes for myself! Another similar retail Kate Spade also seems to out do themselves on this one as well. Just the other night I walked away from the store with the most adorable small retail bag.

It says a lot for a company who cares how their product is packaged and exiting the store. It is possibly one of the most expensive parts of the business that some companies don't think about. But personally its the reason I, as a customer, return to the store and most always leave with the perfect package.

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