Wednesday, March 10, 2010

B Instinctive

Yesterday was a mix of emotions for me as I anxiously anticipated the arrival of new DV by Dolce Vita boots. Just a week ago I saw the boots when Nordstrom started a big shoe sale online. I had seen the boots at 8 am bright and early and when I went back to show a friend, they were sold out! Right away I regretted not going with my instinct. But thankfully the online retail world worked in my favor and they magically reappeared in stock when I checked the next morning! I couldn't let myself hesitate another time, boots were purchased.

I have had this similar issue with another pair of black boots I had a huge obsession for months with. It was a tragic love affair of never in my size, debating the price towards end of the season, out of stock, color not an option. The shoe is a Corso Como Rachel II tall boot. So many of my coworkers had bought the boot and every time they've been worn I just swooned over them with gaga eyes. When the Nordstrom sale appeared the other day and I set my eyes on the DV by Dolce Vita on sale I gave up on my love affair with Corso Como.

Ordering anything online is the biggest tease. You add it to your cart and pay the fee and if you don't want to pay for express shipping wait 5-8 business days for them to arrive. Every half hour I was checking my tracking number on and awaiting for "In transit" to change "Delivered". At approximately 3:30 pm yesterday, it happened.

Unfortunately I learned a great lesson in online shopping. The boots just did not meet my expectations and my new item high dropped low. They did not fit how I imagined and just was not worth the money spent. Looks can be deceiving. To try to pick up my mood I thought I'd take a last over to find a possible replacement. Again browsing through the 'boot shop' I passed by the Corso Como boots. I playfully clicked for more information and scrolled to see what sizes were available. 7.5!!!! I stared in disbelief and instantly added to shopping cart. I knew this must mean it was meant to be and learned my lesson in online shopping. I chose Saturday delivery, no more waiting 5-8 business days.

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