Sunday, December 11, 2011

B Relaxed: Finishing touches

This last weekend was just what the doctor ordered, a lot of relaxation with a bit of productivity on the side. Starting my Saturday with a facial at Dermalogica set the mood for a carefree weekend with no plans, enjoying the calm before the holiday chaos. I started Christmas shopping with one goal in mind, getting it over with and made finishing touches in my new apartment that is finally beginning to feel like a home.


Crystalin said...

Love these photos lady! There's nothing better than adding the finishing touches to the new apt. Congrats!

Blicious said...

love those pillows!


Lucy said...

Mmm, a Dermalogica facial sounds lovely right about now!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

That piece of art on your mantel is amazing!! Where is it from?

Catherine. said...

Madame. just found your blog. The pictures are great! You got a new follower. I would be thrilled if you would visit me and follow me back.

Bisou from Vienna

Gawgus things... said...

Love the cushions and your gorgeous reindeer!
Emma xx

Julie said...

very cute! love the pillows!

Brianna Traynor said...

Love the last photo. Those words are the perfect daily inspiration.

B said...

The pillows are from TJ Maxx! Not sure of the brand, sorry ladies!

Rachel said...

It looks good B, I would love to see more! Or if you did any Pinterest projects!


Wonderful and Marvelous said...

Lovely pictures. I love the last one especially!!
Greetings from Austria
Angi from Wonderful and Marvelous

Marianetilla said...

I love the decoration. Your house looks great! Congratulations!

Kiss from Spain!

Alynne Leigh said...

I have that same wall hanging! (: Love your looks!!


Sarah Saad said...

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