Thursday, December 15, 2011

B Essential: That NYC night in December

Last night was one of the essential New York City nights you have to have. Starting off with wobbly feet on Central Park's ice rink I was happy to find my balance isn't too bad. After a few (slow) laps close near the wall it was time to hang up the skates and inside for some warm frozen treats. Serendipity was where we headed braving the long line that seemed it had to be worth it, it was. It was more than a year ago that I was back in Arizona and whipped this treat in my own kitchen. It was amazing then but there's nothing like a frozen hot chocolate under Christmas lights in New York City, nothing.


Stylelista Confessions said...

I remember how yummmmmmmyyyyy that hot cocoa was!!!

xoxo Stylelista

Wonderful and Marvelous said...

Lovely pictures!! I wish I could be there right now!! Your post literally made my heart ache. During my last visit to the NYC I've also been at Serendipity and I loved it!! ;)
Angi from Wonderful and Marvelous

designchic said...

Nothing like NYC at Christmas...beautiful images!!

Blicious said...

i have to try this one day!!

happy new year!


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