Thursday, February 09, 2012

B Treated: A good hair day

We all know what clarifies a good hair day, you wave your head back and forth and will jump as in many pictures as possible. But what does it take to have one and what’s the formula? I’ve been figuring out my own for years and still continue to learn more and more. Yesterday while trying a new hair stylist I had the best experience because he taught me about my hair rather than preaching at me.

High pony tails break my hair: Apparently, I’ve been going too tight with the pull back lately as my hair was seeing the stress of wearing my hair high. I was suggested to limit pulling my hair back but when necessary pull back loosely at the nape of my neck to keep away from extra stress. Or I need to get in a habit of using better hair bands for my hair.

Right products: I was praised when I mentioned using Moroccanoil on my tresses daily before applying heat but was also introduced to a Profound beauty frizz zero mousse that will help my hair hold curl and of course, keep frizz to a minimum.

Long term care: My hair is thin and growing it out long was a tricky defeat but I have found that will weekly hair masks that my hair is accommodating my length perfectly and seems that any day can be a good hair day. 

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