Tuesday, August 02, 2011

B Revived: Macadamia oil deep repair mask

When you travel you aren't always allowed the luxury of bringing all the comforts of home. I had to downsize my beauty routine for our roundabout two week trip and when I returned my hair felt dry and thin from all the travel. Waiting for me at home was my NewBeauty test tube where macadamia oil deep repair mask was gifted. I have tried a few different kinds of repair masks that took a lot of product to coat my small amount of hair. The macadamia oil mask coated my hair easily and left my hair soft and re-hydrated. The perfect start of recovery from vacation!


Ashley said...

After spending so much time outside at the beach this sounds like the perfect treat for my hair!

Mary Lane said...

I just bought a moroccan oil deep moisturizing mask, but this sounds good too! i may have to try it.


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