Tuesday, April 03, 2012

B Compiled: White sneaks

Purchased a shiny new pair of white sneaks yesterday in time for Spring. Just love the inspiration of how these girls paired their own.



CapeCodCollegiate said...

I used to have a pair.. then wandered through some mud.. looks like I need to get back on the trend!

LV said...

Very cute! I used to wear these back in the day:-)

Unknown said...

of course converse all stars are becoming a trend again, and i love it! had quite a few pairs back in high school!


Unknown said...

you can't go wrong with a perfectly new pair of white converse!!

xo Jackie
Enter to win a Rebecca Minkoff mark. Delight Bag!!

Kim said...

Such pretty outfits! Chuck Taylors are awesome! :)

Apa papers said...

Wow the lens of your camera is simply adorable and the quality of your photos is literally explaining this great feature...I like the photos very much, such a stylish black over coat carried with lots of attitude...Simply amazing!!!

Sarah Saad said...

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