Monday, April 02, 2012

B Styled: Sick day

Leave it to a blogger to style a sick day. But being its my sixth day with a sinus infection its the only thing on my radar.

1. Nordstrom bubble wrap throw
2. Beam coffee mug
3. J Crew vintage tee
4. Bentwood breakfast tray
5. Mary Green sleeping mask
6.  Striped sweatshorts


Julia - the Urban Slant said...

Feel better! that eye mask is just perfect.

Nicole Marie said...

ahh sorry your sick! but that blanket sure looks nice!

Anna Elder said...

!! I have that throw on my wish list. I love that color!! I want it so bad. Hope you feel better soon!

Irene said...

Just B BETTER SOON, friend!


mina said...

i love that you styled a sick day. how adorable.

Shanna @ Style The Luxe said...

Ha... that is too funny!

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