Tuesday, July 17, 2012

B DIY: Threaded nail art

It's been a while since I put my crafting skills to work. I've had this project in mind for awhile and it was the perfect finishing piece to my window sill.

Step one: Sketch out your letter (or shape) on the wood block. I chose a serif B because I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed. 

Step two: After I evenly spaced nail guide on the block, nail each nail along your letter. This does take time and might be annoying to neighbors.

Step three: Paint your block. I used interior nails that were primed to be covered with paint so that they blended in the wood.

Step four: Start threading. It is important to outline your shape first. I then went back and added more thread to create more design.

Finished. Hang on a wall or display standing alone. 

Things I would do differently:
1. Choose a brighter paint color so the thread would pop more.
2. Choose a simpler 'B' design. The serif doesn't really communicate as strong to me.
3. Use spray paint over acrylic paint. Spray paint would have been easier to cover the small crevices between nails.


Stefany said...

this is really cool

Erica said...

I've wondered how hard a project like this would be. Thanks for your instructions and also your honesty by including things you would have done differently. Very helpful!

Tierra said...

Where are your three picture frames from? I love them!

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