Wednesday, November 07, 2012

B Moved: From NYC to Seattle

It's been almost a complete month since my last post and that whole time I've been waiting to make an announcement. In the last year since I moved to NYC you may have noticed that my post consistency decreased. It wasn't as if I didn't want to blog anymore but had a hard time adjusting to full time work while balancing a personal hobby on the side. To be clarified, it wasn't as if it was hard to find time because I love but it was hard to defer on how to be honest on my blog.

When someone moves to New York, everyone's eye's light up when they ask you about living here. I feel as if I'm suppose to tell them about my five best friends who meet me everyday at the local coffee shop or my three girlfriends who have no successful personal relationshps. The truth is that there are parts of New York I love and then there are parts of New York that could never have me because my heart is in Seattle.

In the last year I've been in a long distance retlationship. I knew this from the beginning of my decision to move away from my family including my (at the time) pregnant sister and immediate family. It took me no time to make the decision to move to New York. Once I received my job offer, there was no question because I was so excited for the experience. Between that move, my long distance realtionship expanded to a romantic relationship with my boyfriend back home and a new relationship coming with the birth of my first nephew.

I knew very early that my heart was somewhere else. New york is a strong city and after living through one of the largest distasters to hit the city, I feel as if I'm leaving with a larger respect for those there. But when it comes to decision like last year when I followed my career dream I now decided to follow my heart.

Moving to Seattle sooner than planned came unexpectedly as I learned my building in New York was badly damaged from Hurricane Sandy. I came home with just a duffel bag while my belongings will sit in my apartment until power will be restored and the flooded parking garage filled now with gas is pumped out. I'm incredibly grateful for my safety and thankful that I had a warm loving family to bring me home. It's been the coziest week of being home spending time with my family and enjoying the natural beauty of Seattle.


Siena in Style said...

i love your pics i was in seattle!
kisses from Milano

Nicole Marie said...

aww i'm so happy for you! i know what you mean. it's important to have your life experiences that you've always wanted but then there's always a point and time when it's time to be near the most important people in your life

a. said...

I understand that, and just because most people love a city doesn't mean that same for everyone.
Good thing you weren't hurt!

the making of things

Hill said...

After graduating from college (and my fiance getting out of the Navy) in June, we made the life changing decision to move to Texas... a state we know nothing about and no one. It has been rough but a great experience that I will treasure... even long after we move back to the Seattle area (born and raised!). Crazy how we see opportunities and choices in such a different light once we've jumped to catch them? Hope you're as thankful as we are that you took that leap of faith, especially towards such an amazing city like NYC! xx

Tierra said...

This is so ironic - my best friend and I were just talking about wanting to move to NYC from NC because it just seem so fabulous and we'd like the fast paced life, but I think a commenter said it best - just because it's right for everyone else doesn't mean it's the best for us.

Good for you for making the decision to move back home and being near family, that's the only thing that matters. Can't wait for you to start blogging more! :)

Lexi said...

It sounds like you know exactly where home is! Good luck with the move!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Sara said...

Oh poor little B! Sincerely I would like to give you a hug. I know how many difficulties there are in the distance from your own place, from your family, because I live far from my family too. I moved away to follow my dreams, and often I had to carry on although the distance was hard to suffer, although my dreams were so far to reach, although the work was hard and free time was short. I walked through hard difficulties and I often cried. I often thought if I had the right choice. I often thought to turn back home.
I know every single moment of sadness, melancholy, solitude... And I say: I understand you.
Don't feel defeated. You've tried. There are many ways in our life and everyone have the choose the right one for himself. There aren't choices that are right for all. There are only our choices.
Don't feel defeated. You've choosen what it's better to you: your love, your family, the placees you love. The life's purpose is feeling happy. And if you're happy this way, you're right.
Big hug from italy.

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