Monday, November 12, 2012

B Styled: Leather leggings

When I start craving a clothing item, I can rarely rest until I find it. Last week I had leather leggings in mind. They had been on my brain for awhile but was skeptical if I could pull them off or afford them. Sure there are plenty of leather leggings out there but finding an affordable option that doesn't scream faux.

I finally found my pair (seen above) at Aritzia by Wilfred (for $135 -not available online). The faux leggings were thick to appear like real leather but stretchy to accommodate curves.When choosing leather leggings go with a first rule of choose ones that make you feel comfortable. They may need a few lunges to break in and give some more room. I like to pair mine with soft tops and classic accessories to off-set the "rock n roll' vibe.

Leather leggings:
ONE- Michael Kors Skinny faux leather leggings
TWO- Topshop premium heavy weight leggings
THREE- Blank denim faux leather leggings

Finishing details:
Over sized knitted sweater
Minimal flats from Aldo
Structured satchel


Siena in Style said...

i definitely need one pair of these!!!
kisses from Milano

Julie said...

I love my leather leggings. At first I was skeptical/hesitant, but now I can't stop pairing them with things!

xoxo, Julie @ //OBSESSED//

lb said...

i've been on the hunt too! how much were yours? there's an aritzia near me and i like the look of them, but just wondering the price before i commit to heading there to check them out.

Unknown said...

The topshop leggings look like real leather... Might need them!!! Lol said...

It's nice. I like the combination. Thanks, you gave a super healthy idea.

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