Thursday, December 13, 2012

B Extended: 4 Things I've learned about eyelash extensions

It's been over a year since I got my first eyelash extensions. I have tried a handful of places, bought those famous groupons and really found the key to the best eyelash extension experience. It's a conversation I always seem to have with one random girl in a bar. The conversation always starts with "Your have beautiful eyelashes" or some get right to it and ask "Are your eyelashes real?". And being the beauty junkie I am, I go into a 10 minute conversation about how and what eyelashes can do for you. Here are the highlights:

Treat them as they're your natural eyelashes:
Eyelash extensions are individual lashes glued to your natural eyelashes and if done properly won't cause long term damage. Do you pick at your own eyelashes? When you do, do you find that they fall out? Yes, same will happen if you pick at your eyelash extensions. Eyelashes fall and grow just as the hair on our head does. And with special treatments applied to your lashes, it is important you take care of them.

Special treatments require special care:
Adding length to your eyelashes do make you more aware of how you use your eyelashes. For instance, when you wash your face your voluminous lashes will collect water. TIP: Pat eyelashes gently with towel when wet before opening your eyes.

Darker lashes save time and make-up costs:
I have never found the perfect mascara that I love. Eyelash extensions took this dilemma away from me. I haven't worn mascara in over a year and in return wear less make up in general. I found that the dark eyelashes applied created a more natural eyeliner to my eyes that worked for day makeup.

Not every "deal" is a good deal:
Your initial session could take over a hour and a half depending on the speed the of the technician. I found my salon in Seattle through a recommendation of a friend. This is the most secure way to find an appropriate price and clean salon in your area. When I moved to NYC, I looked for online deals and unfortunately wasted money on eyelashes that only lasted 1-2 weeks at most. I have found from experience that no eyelash fill should cost more than $75 and should last you at least 4 weeks between fills. With eyelash extension becoming more popular, this reasonable price is possible!

B Tried and Tested:
Seattle: Myano's Nails & Spa
NYC: Red and White Spa many times and saw my eyelashes lasted 3- 4 weeks
NYC: Blink Beauty in Union Square- eyelashes only lasted 1-2 weeks (don't recommend)

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*I am not a professional and only share recommendations through my own experiences.


Grace (The Stripe) said...

I so agree with you... eyelash extensions have changed my life!!! xoxo

Marie said...

Love it! I found my Myano fills lasted the longest (something about their adhesive...) but love the look of the place I've been going most recently the most - Lash & Wax boutique in Greenwood. They also have a location in Redmond. Fills are $60 and are always perfect. <3

Oh, and don't believe anyone who tells you not to get them wet. Swim away!

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