Wednesday, June 05, 2013

B Proud: Seattle is my city

Since I was 6 years old I've told people that I'm from Seattle. At the time it only meant that I lived here because that's where my parents took us. I made my first choice to leave 8 years ago and with only being back for the last 6 months, I've quickly learned that it is the perfect place for me to be.

I've returned home in a time where I love who I am, I love to love and I love to share positivity. It's easy to be pessimistic in a city where it's known more for it's rainy days over the sunny ones. But something about my city makes me giddy over the grey skies just as much as the clear ones when the mountains are in view past the city buildings. Home has meant many different things to me in the past years but in this moment it means to choose happiness and that happens to pair perfectly with Seattle.

This tee gifted by The Home T. Part of the proceeds go to support multiple sclerosis research.


Unknown said...

I love Seattle too. I have only lived here about a year and a half but it quickly felt like home.

Dani //

Sarah Saad said...

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