Monday, June 02, 2014

B Recapped: Start of Seattle Summa

Whole fruit margaritas | I'm typically not a blended margarita girl but when you add in fresh fruit it's the way to go! This recipe is one of the top reasons I'm begging for a Vitamix in my kitchen.

Caprese | In a brief stint of removing dairy from my diet, i forgot how amazing fresh mozzarella is in a caprese. This salad will easily be on repeat this Summer with the easy prep and beautiful presentation.

Hot Chocolate | Enjoying an early breakfast at The Commons in Woodinville this weekend was my excuse for a sweet treat. I wouldn't say I'm a hot chocolate connoisseur but this one with Theo Chocolate is one to try the next time you want to indulge before 9AM.

Grilling | When you can grill outside without getting damp, that's when it's really Summer in Seattle. I'm already planning on what to barbecue the rest of the week. Any ideas?


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