Tuesday, November 03, 2009

B Caught

I have a bad habit of putting myself in my head and not being able to forget it and till I get it. One night just browsing online at my favorite virtual retailers (never a good way to start) I had this mission to find the perfect leather gloves. I didn't want to be caught red handed (pun intended) in a hideous pair so thankfully I had some inspiration. One of my favorite scenes of the Sex and the City: Movie was when Carrie is running to meet Miranda just in time for midnight, that's friendship. Carrie is shown rocking her iconic fur coat and a pair of white gloves and booties. Who looks this fabulous racing through the snow after they've just awoke? Only Carrie...

Well so I found a lot of options. One of my favorite websites is shopstyle.com because they bring up all your options over the whole internet. Throughout Sex and the City, Carrie has different styles of gloves and I was determined to mind a short cropped leather glove. There were the options that were clearly out of my price range. Such as the $145 Dents Studded Leather Bow Gloves, but seriously if you had the money to spend how to die for are those?

The motorcycle cut off finger tip gloves have been making their comeback to the runway and Alexander Wang even incorporated this trend with his own clutch. You would never lose this clutch at a bar ladies but again $999 was a little out of my price range. So I was waiting for that light bulb moment and then shopstyle did it for me. They previewed a cute pair of studded leather gloves from top shop for only $36. I thought, Top Shop! how could I forget to look there. While I liked the studded leather gloves, I needed ones I loved. And then there, Deep V Kid Leather Glove  in nude was found. I don't white cream or white leather for a couch but in a pair of gloves or hand bag I can't help but imagine luxury. And these are the perfect inspired replica for my Carrie Bradshaw gloves I fell for. All these gloves needs are a new fur vest...

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That's one of my ultimate favorite Carrie moments =) from the SATC film!


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