Thursday, November 12, 2009

B Reminded

There are certain scents that remind you of the Holidays. It may be a scent from your mother's homemade cooking, or the fire burning in the fireplace or the smell of peppermint coming from the candy canes. So when you don't live at home anymore, don't have a fire place and try to keep candy out of your house, your best resort is holiday scented candles!

I recently just purchased the White Chocolate Mousse candle from Anthropologie and it is heaven. Just last night I was cuddled in my bed, reading a good book and burning my candle. I almost got to pretend there was snow on the ground. If the scent isn't great enough, leave it to Anthropologie for creating a creative tin that makes you want to pull on your cable knit sweater. Holiday season has the best scents such as Wonderful Cookie also for which I purchased for my kitchen. Someone wasn't lying when they said "this is the greatest time of year".

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