Friday, November 13, 2009

B Delicious

So we all know that when we have money to spend our first thought is either new shoes, that handbag we've been lusting over or a new top for our night this weekend, have you had a time when your first thought is "I gotta have that cookbook?" I doubt it. But now beware fashionista's this all may change.

Already this year the CFDA brought us Fashion's Night Out, now they're giving us the American Fashion Cookbook! Now just this book over 100 recipes by your favorite designers such as Diane Von Furstenburg, Zac Posen, and one recipe I can't wait to try "Croissant French Toast". Now don't think that is all I'm telling you in this blog post. You think I'm going to let you go into that kitchen without looking fabulous? Don't be silly...

Turn in your "Kiss the Cook" apron and start making a statement in the kitchen. Anthropologie has some of the best kitchen accessories around, now I know I'm biased because this retail store is probably mentioned in every blog but I promise you I am not sponsored (I wish!). The Toile Full Apron is the perfect thing to protect your new Philip Lim dress while cooking up a storm. Also, try Sur La Table for all your cooking utensil needs and of course another cute damask print apron.

Don't underestimate where you could find a great conversation piece. After watching Man Shops Globe, I look at everything in Anthropologie wondering where it came from. For a limited time the retail chain is featuring Paint By Number plates from the print series "111 Reasons Why To Love You" by Trey Speegle. If you are like me you're already wondering how this series got started, now put that on the table and let the conversation begin.

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