Monday, December 14, 2009

B Greedy

 During the holiday season I am trying to remember it is the season of giving and not receiving but with all these fabulous gifts you can't help but want them all for yourself! Here are a few of my faves of the moment that I am lusting after for this holiday.

For the Nerd in you: Amazon Kindle I have tried buying a few books online and reading them from my macbook but was never sold. I, like Carrie Bradshaw love the smell of books. Holding them in your hand, hearing the swish of passing pages but now the Kindle has made me go green. Yes. I want to give up that wondrous smell. My sister was actually the one that sold me on the kindle as she explained how easy it is to read books in bed now!

For the girly girl that needs an edge: Leather Jacket Every woman needs a need leather jacket in her closet. I love this one from June Leather at Nordstrom. One look at it and I was in love but didn't think twice about it because leather jackets have the reputation for being overly pricey. But at $298 (and employee discount) I couldn't resist too much longer. I know I should've waited for Christmas but there are way too many holiday dresses that are going to look divine with this leather.

For the sweet one: Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Gentlemen, pay attention. I was given a sample of this scent when I previously purchased my Chanel Jade Laquer and once I tested this scent, I was in love. I have been guilty for wearing the same perfume for years because its a huge bottle and I haven't needed an excuse for a new one but Coco Mademoiselle is such a light sweet fragrance I am hoping it comes with a little red bow under the tree.

For the one who has almost everything: Rebecca Minkoff Bracelets: It was months ago in an earlier post I admitted my obsession with the upcoming Rebecca Minkoff bracelets. I have been waiting anxiously for them to arrive on any e commerce site and finally Rebecca has them up herself along with one of my shopping favorites, shopbop! This is one definitely for the list and any fashion girl would adore this Christmas if you're still looking for options.

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