Friday, December 04, 2009

B Merry

There are a lot of little things that make the holiday special. It may be as simple as hearing the bell ringing from the salvation army santa outside the mall or maybe its the taste of peppermint from your candy cane or hot chocolates but one great clear sign of the holiday season is receiving your friends and families' seasons greetings card in the mail. It is the time where you get to hear all about those loved ones adventures from the previous year.

I am glad that no one has completely made the switch to virtual Christmas cards because there is something romantic and classic about receiving mail. Before the age of e-mail the only way of communicating with your loved ones was what we now call "snail mail" but girls tell me if there isn't any one of you who have seen The Notebook that wouldn't be disappointed in finding a love letter or even a postcard in the mail. Men, take notes (then mail it!).

So while I am not sending everyone of my family an updated picture of me and my fish this 2009, I am sharing one of my newest loves this year, my blog. I have really enjoyed finding this way to express my thoughts to others and finding a new outlet for my creativity. There is a great online company Tiny Prints that helped with my creation of my holiday season greetings. You can choose one of many designs and personalize it to your liking! Of course I came up with my tagline 'B Merry' then in the verse inside wished everyone a Merry Christmas and let them know my reason for 'Just B' which as I hope you know is answer B, all of the above.

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