Thursday, November 11, 2010

B Captivated: nOir Jewelry favorites

Here's a story about the power of a tweet: @fashion_spot tweets a picture of their nail color. Girl clicks to see nail color, falls in love with ring. Girl is now addicted to nOir Jewelry. Pretty simple and painless when you don't mention the wallet damage.

Many celebrities have been seen wearing nOir Jewelry and many times I had noticed but didn't know who made it. Glad I was finally introduced and at a perfect time with their launch of the new Walt Disney collection and I am dying over the bone bracelet, pegasus ring and snowflake necklace. And when you are done fantasizing over that collection, move on to the rest of the site and meet my new favorite friends named brooklyn bridge ring and the spike ring worn by Rihanna. Yes, I think it is love.

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