Wednesday, May 11, 2011

B Gathered: DIY Painted chain necklace

When I think of a DIY project it is either in the middle of shopping where I want something but can't afford it or it is compiled of leftover materials. I have been wanting to create a multi chain necklace but didn't want to go through all the hassle of jewelry tools and adding clasps. Hence, I thought of ribbon. Cost effective and so quick that you can change the ribbon color or length anytime. No commitment, which is exactly what I like with my closet! I chose neon because well I'm obsessed but any bright color will do.


madebygigi said...

Great idea. I'm not really into gold chains, but with a touch of paint it looks really good.

Rin said...

i have a gold bracelet I was going to do this to! haha so we really need to get on this DIY get together ;)

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KaNini's said...

Looks really interesting! Got to try it! ;)

alicia said...

Love the neon - how fun!

Unknown said...

Oh WOW!!!!! *_* So cool!!!!! :)

Wear The Canvas said...

so cute!!! I need to try this

Carolyn said...

SO CUTE!! love the neon, great idea

Han said...

This is amazing, im sooooo doing this!

Unknown said...

This looks awesome! *heads off to find a cheap gold double chain*

Unknown said...

Super cute! I am going to get my husband to get me some chain this week!

nevena said...

that looks so cool!

MILLY said...

beautiful blog!!!I follow you!please follow me back, I'll be so happy!

Ali said...

love this and it looks so easy, I may have to give it a try.

Unknown said...

OMG this is adorable!!! Have to try this out. I LOVE your DIY projects!!

New Follower =)
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xo Jackie

Lindsay said...

I'm loving this!! But also loving your top in the picture! where is it from?? love love!!

Roxana said...

Hello! I added this DIY to my blog, mentioning your blog and adding a link to it. Please check the post, if there's any problem, please let me know.
I really like your blog, I discovered it today! ;)

Enda said...

hey i like your project and share here :)

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