Tuesday, May 17, 2011

B Written: A note taker

Are you a good note taker? I have always been one to write lists even if I never look at them again. Writing it all down makes me feel better and more productive. When I was younger I always tried writing a journal but never stayed up with it. In fact, I think you could count three failed blogs as a kid before Just B.

I was reading another blog last week on my reader and remembered a suggestion of journaling along with your blog. I always keep a moleskin in my purse for those ideas I have to physically write down or draw out. I already love that I feel as if this blog works as a permanent scrapbook on the internet but a coinciding journal might be perfect to organize thoughts so I don't end up rambling to you. What do you think? Even if I drop the ball on this journal too it is just another pretty book for the nightstand.

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CapeCodCollegiate said...

Gotta love the moleskins - they may be expensive but I love having a bright colored one in my bag at all time. I make lists, jot down quotes, or even just positive thoughts!


Ramou said...

I carry a little Moleskine day planner and a blank, unlined notebook in my bag at all times. Even if I don't write in them as much as I should, I take comfort in knowing that they're there when I need them. And you'll feel really great when you do have that brilliant idea and a perfect little notebook to write it in.

LucĂ­a said...

I do like all sorts of little notebooks. And them I'm too scared to write in them because I'm scared I'll spoil them. haha yeah, that's me

Blicious said...

i love to write, journal, take notes and make lists. :)


Amalia Athanaeleas said...

I keep a little notebook in my purse for the same purpose! I jot down ideas, inspiration, etc. And lists! I'm a perpetual list-maker.

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