Thursday, January 19, 2012

B Unexpected: Oh deer

While looking for those pieces that will make my room feel cozy, I'm not sure how I found myself attracted to deer. I am not the 'outdoorsy' type though I think that's why I want something unexpected and far from my pink and girly bedrooms I have had once before. Deer heads and silhouettes have come a long way and no longer have that creepy face you imagine staring at you, add this animal trend with a chevron it is instantly chic. What do you think?


Jennifer S. said...

I agree I haven't been into deer much either but lately I have been and want to even put one on the wall in my living room...


Misha Marie said...

Loving the deer trend....trying to get my husband on board to have a resin deer head on the wall is the issue :/ Lovely blog!

Atypical Aesthetic

KasharaLaRae said...

i am loving the deer ring... my sister is very much into deers and i am so getting her that deer ring it is right up her alley!! thanks B for always giving me great gift ideas!! said...

Deers are my favorites :) Thanks, this is really the coolest idea.

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