Tuesday, March 06, 2012

B Finished: Last bedroom touches

Over the weekend I finally got to what I've been working to do for months. Finishing the decorative details in my bedroom. After finally receiving many Etsy orders, finishing a DIY, obsessing over WestElm.com and ordering prints for frames, my New York bedroom has grown to what I pictured it to be. I wanted everything to have a story and finding many pieces on Etsy, adding personal details and choosing decorative items that were unexpected gave me the modern rustic space I planned.

The bed from PB Teen and bedspread from Anthropologie, first two purchases and perfect ways to set the tone of my room. Long distance love pillow from Etsy (also seen here). Impulse purchase with help of birthday gift cards, paper mache stag head blends with the walls giving a subtle statement.

Two prints layered on each other give me a glimpse of home (Seattle) and encouraging words from Romans 5:8 (from etsy shop Ex Libris Journals). Aged candle holders from Pier 1 Imports and deer statue from my first trip to the Brooklyn Flea.

My monotone white walls and all mustard/gold tones needed a pop of color, West Elm couldn't have introduced this new lacquer turned-leg nightstand at a better time. Deep picture ledge shows my proud DIY gold chevron canvas (adapted from here) and gifted poster from my sister stating "No whining, no complaining, absolutely no frowning. Only hugs, smiles and warm fuzzy feelings allowed. Thank you".

 Lastly, an old bird cage covers a large candle complimenting my window sill of frames and cards from loved ones.

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