Tuesday, March 20, 2012

B Powered: Orange

I am usually too tired to work out after work especially when I have one planned the following morning. But something caught a hold of me yesterday, energy. Amazing weather in New York had me almost skipping to the gym in just my tank top and pants, no puffy coat! Got me thinking it's time I spiff up my work out wardrobe and orange is catching my attention to be what I call, my new power color.

Clockwise from Top left: adidas by Stella McCartney hoodie // Multitude headbands // Lululemon run: swiftly racerback // Nike ‘Free Run+ 2’ Reflective Running Shoe


Blicious said...

loving the colors!!


Unknown said...

lovely post! very inspiring and interesting!

I'm following you now - so please check out my blog and follow me too :)

xoxo from Austria, Theri:

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