Sunday, November 20, 2011

B Seeking: Saturday at the Brooklyn flea market

Whether you've lived in New York for years or never had a visit I think many still have a New York City checklist. I sure do, its nothing official but I can say that I was successful on checking it off this weekend starting with the Brooklyn flea market. It's the perfect place to find hidden treasures you might have never thought you'd fall in love with and for half the price. While my negotiation skills need some work rather my poker face that clearly shows how excited I am it was nice to see the flea in action before it goes inside for winter.


Sara said...

Yay! Favorite Flea Market ever! You make me miss the city so much! I love hearing about all of your great experiences! Keep it up B! You put a smile on my face with every post and picture.


Sunny Blonde Studio

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

Love those little owls!

Unknown said...

love those wooden boxes! and the owls! i need to get to my local flea market soon!

Nicole Marie said...

so amazing!! i want to go there!

Laura said...

ever since my boyfriend told me about this flea market i've been dying to go! we're planning a trip to NYC the first weekend in december and this is at the top of the to-do list -- can't wait!!

Amberly said...

Great pics! And such cool finds!


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