Tuesday, March 13, 2012

B Hers & His: Spring break

A new feature because sometimes we just can't help but shop for the boys. As we are technically on Spring Break, lets see what both him and I would wear. Dying over that denim dress to go with my Kate Spade tote I actually received as a birthday gift but have yet to bring out of it's dust bag! As I happen to get organized, what other kind of features do you want to see on the blog?
1. Denim shirtdress
2. Kendra scott stud earrings
3. Kate Spade 'eat cake for breakfast' tote
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs what spectacle iphone case
5. Olly espadrille wedge
6. Sunny day tortoise shades
1. Ben Minkoff messenger bag
2. Diesel large round watch
3. UO Rubberized sunglasses
4. iphone cherry natural case
5. Brooks Brother glen plaid shirt
6. Sperry top-sider slip ons
7. Jack Spade raw delvage denim


Anonymous said...

just adore styling collages so much.. great choices! always love to see Fashion Films & Photography! xo

LV said...

I love it! Especially that bag that says: "Eat Cake for Breakfast!"

Irene said...

I think you should JUST B! :) Be whatever FEELS to you, whatever INSPIRES you. Don't feel confined to a box of fashion... B what you feel and B real! That's what I love about the way you've branded yourself... so B who you are at all different times!!


Nicole Marie said...

i want that "his" bag :)

Unknown said...

Wow, I never knew Kate Spade had a tote like that! I want it! I love every find you have on your blog!-Your newest follower!-Jessica


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