Tuesday, September 04, 2012

B Needs creativity

Confession: I'm ready for Summer to be over. Bring on the leather, wool and Fall layers. Summer was barely a season but I managed to escape to the beach a few more times to spend time with my loves who came over from Seattle. Working with a full-time job in social media, it has been hard to come home and blog, Instagram and create for myself. With Summer vacation over and my small (but large to me) blog break it is time I became re-inspired. It's advice that I have given many other bloggers that it only takes one post and the rest will come. After all this is how Just B came about, no pressure, just ideas that I put to the internet So here we go, no promises that life will take over again but I know I need this creativity in my life. 

Balloons from my new favorite blog inflateddeflated.com.

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