Wednesday, September 05, 2012

B Tried: Beauty tested

For a self-proclaimed beauty junkie I'll typically try any product at least once. These are a few recent testers on my list that have made it past the one time trial.
ONE: Philosophy Here Comes the Sun gradual face self-tanner- In the summer, it's best to be tan and even in the fall its nice to not be pale. In a time that I would rather not discuss, I went to tanning beds. I can still feel the damage sun did on my skin after the beach and you know that dry feeling I'm talking about. I have made the transition to spray tan for my body but still couldn't find the best for my face that didn't stain the more sensitive skin orange. Using Philosophy morning (after moisturizer but before makeup) and night (after moisturizer again) has given me subtle color for when I need it. It takes about 3 applications to go really tan and in the fall I will probably hold back to only two during the week. If your skin is begging you to make the transition to self-tanner, this is one I'd stock up on.

TWO: Ole Henriksen Ultimate lift eye gel roll on- Sometimes you need some love before you make it to the coffee machine and this gives me an instant refresher. Tired eyes comes easily to a full-time gal in NYC so having a boost has really helped those under eyes firm up. Note: This product will not replace your morning caffeine addiction.

THREE: Boscia Detoxifying black cleanser- I guess becoming a Sephora insider did me good when rewarded with this cleanser. The black appearance might night make you think you're getting clean but the heat conducted up on contact with the skin opens up your pores and de-clogs what you can't get. I haven't completely said no to my daily cleanser but this is still being worth a few more tests.

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